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Seeking to succeed where Energy East failed

Pipeline News / Brian Zinchuk / 23 September 2019

A new transcontinental pipeline project similar in concept to the defunct Energy East project is in its formative stages.

It’s early on for Canadian Prosperity Pipelines Corporation, but their idea is to transport oil from Hardisty, Alberta, to Saint John, New Brunswick, and a marine tanker terminal for potential export.

As a matter of course, the mainline would pass through Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec to get there. The project is called the Canadian Prosperity Pipeline Project, or CP3, and is expected to cost $23 billion.


Vigil to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline

Brockville Mutual Aid

kinder-morgan-vigilBrockville Mutual Aid is hosting a vigil against the Kinder Morgan pipeline on November 21 at 5pm in Court House Square, Brockville.

We are part of a clear, national message to Prime Minister Trudeau that Kinder Morgan fails on climate and Indigenous rights and he must reject it. is encouraging nation-wide organizing of these vigils for November 21. Brockville Mutual Aid is a local activist group engaged in political initiatives in the community.

Please join our prep crew, attend the vigil, circulate this information and/or contact Brockville Mutual Aid with any questions.

WHEN: Monday, November 21, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
WHERE: Court House Square, Brockville

Trudeau government ‘dangerously misled’ on pipeline benefits

DesmogCanada / Carol Linnitt / 07 October 2016

justin-trudeau-jim-carr-kinder-morgan-pipelineEconomist Robyn Allan has a penchant for details. The former president and CEO of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia also sees the benefits of informed decision-making, which is why Allan recently wrote a myth-busting letter to federal minister of natural resources, Jim Carr, on the issue of oil pipelines.

The minister, Allan said, had been “dangerously misled” by senior ministerial staff about the economic benefits of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline project. An internal document provided to Minister Carr, and subsequently released through Freedom of Information legislation, was “riddled with factual and analytical mistakes and displays a lack of attention to detail” Allan wrote in her letter.

Among her findings, Allan stated the minister had been misinformed about the need for increased oil pipeline capacity in Canada especially when considering Canada’s pipelines — despite claims to the contrary — are not operating at full capacity and market conditions have substantially altered the oil production landscape in recent years (see Allan’s evidence in the full letter below).

With the federal decision on Kinder Morgan expected to come down by December and the recent (rather spectacular) collapse of public trust in the National Energy Board, pipeline politics are heating up in Canada.

DeSmog Canada asked Allan five questions about her take on Canada’s pipeline debate and the quandary of the Kinder Morgan pipeline.


Expert report: Energy East spill impact analysis for our region

Council of Canadians / 05 October 2016

ee-report-oct-2016In this report, Savaria Expert-Conseils Inc. evaluates the impacts of a petroleum hydrocarbons spill from TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline in the main watercourses of the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

The proposed Energy East pipeline would pass through the south end of the City of Ottawa. It would cross 68 watercourses in the Mississippi and Rideau watersheds, including those two rivers. Both of these rivers are major tributaries of the Ottawa River.

Highlights from the report include:

  • A spill from the proposed Energy East pipeline could have a direct impact on the drinking water sources for the cities of Gatineau and Ottawa, which are 52 km and 60 km away from river crossings for the Mississippi River and Rideau River respectively.
  • A spill from the proposed Energy East pipeline could have impacts on aquatic ecosystems, recreational activities and economic activity (e.g. tourism).
  • The pipeline goes through the Baxter Conservation Area and other wetlands, where a spill could cause irreversible damage to those ecosystems.
  • A catastrophic spill could dump up to 23 million litres into the rivers within two hours.
  • Cleaning up a major spill could cost up to $1 billion.
  • Case study: 250,000 litres of heavy oil were spilled in the North Saskatchewan River and travelled over 500 km downstream.
  • Case study: 3.3 million litres of oil were spilled in the Kalamazoo River (Michigan) and travelled at least 60 km downstream.


SNG asks council to abstain from Energy East debate

Kemptville Advance / Jennifer Westendorp / 21 September 2016

sng-asks-council-to-abstainDon’t vote for or against, if you lack the technical expertise to do so.

That was the sentiment expressed by Sustainable North Grenville, (SNG), representative, Chris Weissflog, during a deputation to committee of the whole on Sept. 19.

“We’re here tonight regarding concerns over expressions of support for the proposed Energy East pipeline project,” said Weissflog. “Before going any further, for the sake of council and the public, I would like to present an overview of the events leading to today.”

Concerns first arose in June 2013, when residents heard Mayor David Gordon speak publicly about the project on CBC, he explained.


Energy East: Concerned citizens to attend Committee of Whole

Sustainable North Grenville / 16 September 2016

You are invited to attend a municipal meeting this coming Monday, September 19, 6:30 pm.

We have learned only days ago that NG Mayor David Gordon has committed to sign a letter of support for Energy East at United Counties of Leeds and Grenville Council. This goes against the resolution passed by Council in 2013 to not support the pipeline until concerns were satisfied.

A group of concerned citizens is planning to attend the Committee of the Whole meeting this coming Monday. The purpose is to ask Council to bring us up to date on their plans for Energy East—and to request that NG Mayor and Council make no further expressions of support as agreed in 2013 (see below).

Will you join us? A small group can make a difference. A larger group can make a bigger difference.

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— Chris Rhodes, Resource Insights (03 June 2013)
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