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Shuttle bus service gets green light in London

The Guardian / Gwyn Topham / 29 January 2018

An experimental shuttle bus service operated by Ford has been approved by London’s transport authorities.

The vehicle manufacturer’s Chariot service, which has started in five US cities, will run four set routes and pick up passengers who pre-book via its app.

Passengers will pay a premium (£2.40) over normal bus fares (£1.50), and get a guaranteed seat on a Ford Transit minibus for their money.

The move by Ford is one of a series by vehicle manufacturers to provide shared mobility services as the traditional industry model is threatened by declining car ownership among younger people and city dwellers.


Uber’s ignoring of rules isn’t competition

The Tyee / Kevin Campbell / 28 January 2016

uber2-610I was in Houston, Texas, last Thursday when the BC Liberals performed an about-face in favour of Uber, a controversial transportation provider seeking access to the B.C. market.

At the end of my night, I asked the bartender for the name of a cab company. He told me to use Uber because a taxi would take between 60 and 90 minutes, and might not come at all.

Always a skeptic, I searched Houston taxi and called the first result. They answered after one ring and the cab arrived in six minutes. Such is the fetishization of Uber, all things ‘app’ and faux free markets, at least in Texas.

Yet there is little capitalistic about Uber, or more specifically UberX, a service that connects unregulated drivers with customers as an alternative to taxis.


Housing co-op joins forces with community carshare co-op

On Co-op / Newsletter / 23 March 2015

Frank McLoughlin Co-operative Homes in Brampton ON recently joined the Community CarShare Co-op. Introduced by the Peel-Halton Co-operative Housing Federation, a car (or several) will be parked on site for members to use and share as required.

It is a wonderful initiative with many great benefits for members. In a housing co-op, those members on limited incomes may not be able to afford a car because of maintenance and insurance costs. This way, they have the use of a vehicle to run errands, for doctors or other appointments, or as a replacement mode of transportation in case of emergencies. It is also a great way for younger adults to get their driving experience without paying a fortune for insurance.

To become a member, each person pays a $10 refundable Member Loan. There are two types of membership: one is an occasional at $5 per month, the other is for regular usage at $40 per month.

  • Under the occasional plan, members pay $8 per hour for the first 4 hours, then $1 per hour after that.
  • Under the regular plan, members pay $5 per hour for the first 4 hours, then $1 per hour after that.
  • There is a 30 cent per kilometre charge, which includes the gas and insurance.

Compared to the cost of purchasing a car, plus the maintenance and insurance, members will be saving a fortune!

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The Transition Framework

Inner Transition is occasionally overlooked in favour of more immediately ‘practical’ undertakings, reinforcing an observed and acknowledged division in many Transition Initiatives between “doers” and “talkers”, but for Transition Initiatives looking to foster a kind of community resilience that is equitable, inclusive, nimble, responsive, caring, and cohesive, Inner Transition efforts are a necessary place to start.

— Anne Rucchetto, Blake Poland
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