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City of Brockville Emergency Response Plan, June 2011
City of Brockville Sustainability Plan, adopted October 2012

Climate Change

A Practitioner’s Guide to Climate Change Adaptation in Ontario’s Ecosystems, 2011
Report of the Canadian Parks Council Climate Change Working Group, March 14, 2013
Health Effects of a Changing Climate in LGLDHU, Sept 22, 2011
Climate Change at Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve: Preliminary Results, March 11, 2011
Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in the Cataraqui Region, February 8, 2011
Climate Change Impacts and Adaptations on Outdoor Recreation, December 8, 2010
City of Kingston Climate Action Plan, June 3, 2014
Great Lakes Region: Quarterly Climate Impacts and Outlook – Newsletter

Peak Oil

ENSC 430 Report on Energy in the Frontenac Arch Biosphere, December 9, 2011

Spill-Over Impacts from Other Regions?

Supply chain impacts? eg. Food, Water, Fuel, Electricity


Climate Solutions 101 – The world’s first major educational effort focused solely on solutions
Climate Progress – Covering climate science, solutions and politics
Climate Change Impacts in Canada – from Environment Canada
Real Climate – Commentary on climate science by working climate scientists
Skeptical Science – Explaining climate change science & rebutting global warming misinformation
Climate Denial Crock of the Week – Knocking down the nonsense of climate denial
Robert Scribbler – Scribbling for economic, social and environmental justice
The Habitable Planet – A Systems Approach to Environmental Science
The extraenvironmentalist – Exploring the mindset of an outsider looking in on Earth
Arctic Sea Ice Forum
Inside Climate News – Covers clean energy, carbon energy, nuclear energy and environmental science
Climate Feedback – Scientists rate online climate change coverage

Do the Math – Using physics and estimation to assess energy, growth, options
What is the Minimum EROI that a Sustainable Society Must Have? – Energy Return On Investment [PDF]
Peak Oil Barrel – Up-to-date technical analysis and commentary

The Crash Course – So we can better appreciate the risks that we all face
Limits to Economic Growth? – Notes from a short lecture given at Nottingham University on 28 November 2017

Mother Earth News – Breaking News and Respected Views

Resilience – Building a world of resilient communities
Civil Eats – Critical thought about sustainable agriculture and food systems
Cook Organic Not the Planet – Boycott factory farmed foods
Peak Moment Television – Locally reliant living for challenging times
Upskilling for Post Growth Futures, Together – Practical skills that will matter for us all
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