'But the climate has always changed'

grist / Cody Permenter / 13 September 2016

We've all heard it before: "Yeah, but the climate has ALWAYS changed."

Oh, really? Well, this timeline of Earth's average temperature shows just how much we've influenced the climate. This epic webcomic was created by Randall Munroe, the artist behind xkcd, one of our favorite places for simplifying complicated scientific concepts...


  • Student confident tiny home will keep mom warm
    CBC News / 02 December 2018
    The tiny house tucked away just outside the architecture school at Carleton University in Ottawa — and recently featured on HGTV — occupies just 180 square feet. Its exterior is scale-like, with overlapping diamond-shaped shingles that look like they’re made of aluminum. Inside, there’s a full-size shower, a full-size sink, a bed that comes out of the ceiling with the touch of a button, and a more traditional pull-out couch...


  • Ontario’s new climate change plan gets a failing grade
    Environmental Defence / Sarah Buchanan / 03 December 2018
    After axing most of the province's programs that reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution, the Ontario government's promised plan to address climate change has finally arrived. But does the plan have what it takes to do Ontario's fair share to reduce carbon pollution? We've scored the plan in ten key areas. This was a tough task given that the plan includes few specifics in its proposed actions. While there are commitments to "investigate" or "consider" promising policies, we've decided not to ...
  • Call for comments: “A Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan”
    Government of Ontario / 29 November 2018
    Proposal summary The proposed Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan reflects our government's commitment to address the pressing challenges we face to protect our air, land and water, reduce litter and waste, and support Ontarians to continue to do their share to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help communities and families prepare for climate change.


  • Quantifying climate hypocrisy – the Canada file
    An Outside Chance / Bart Hawkins Kreps / 28 November 2018
    It was within the first few weeks of the Justin Trudeau administration that Canada surprised most observers by backing a call from island nations to hold global warming to 1.5°C, as opposed to the 2°C warming threshold that had been a more widely accepted official goal.1 Yet according to a new peer-reviewed study2 of countries' pledged emissions reduction commitments following the Paris Agreement, Canada's level of commitment would result in 5.1°C of global warming if all countries followed the ...
  • Plastic bottle recycling needs deposit incentive
    The London Free Press / Robin Baranyai / 23 November 2018
    Two years ago, the World Economic Forum made a frightening prediction: By 2050, there could be more plastic in the world's oceans than fish. Staggeringly, these projected rates of consumption are calculated by weight. One of the reasons plastic packaging is so popular is its lightness. Yet each year, on average, eight million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean. It doesn't disappear or decompose; it simply breaks down into smaller and smaller shards, until it looks a lot like fish food. ...


  • A ‘new abnormal’ — megafires explode with off-the-charts fury
    National Observer / Barry Saxifrage / 29 November 29 2018
    Author’s note: The size and destruction of the Camp Fire grew significantly since this article was originally published. Now that this record-breaking fire has been fully contained, I’ve updated the charts and article to show its shocking “off-the-charts” scale. California is on the burning edge of climate breakdown. Record-breaking drought and heat have turned the Golden State into a tinderbox. The megafires have followed. In the last two years a string of off-the-chart ...


  • All about geothermal heating systems
    Mother Earth News / Donal Blaise Lloyd / April 2017
    If you dig down about five feet or so in the ground to below the frost level, you will find the ground temperature to be amazingly constant, 40 degrees to 70 degrees F (4–21 degrees C), depending on the location. It is cooler than the air in the summer and warmer in the winter. The earth's subsurface is an enormous heat sink — a solar battery — and it takes a large amount of energy to keep it in equilibrium. This heat energy comes in great part from the sun, a renewable and inexhaustible source ...

Kingston Climate Change Symposium

Sustainable Kingston
WHEN: Thursday, January 17, 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm
WHERE: Grand Theatre, 218 Princess Street, Kingston

This full-day symposium aims to bring together climate champions and inspire action while we showcase the latest developments on community-based climate initiatives.

The 2019 event features speakers such as Dianne Saxe, Ontario's Environmental Commissioner, Lauren Saville of the Jane Goodall Institute, The Weather Network's Chris St. Claire, and many other local industry experts. The overall goal of the Kingston Climate Change Symposium is to strengthen existing networks between community practitioners, policymakers and community members working on all levels of community based-climate change and to enhance our resiliency toward our changing climate. Presented by Sustainable Kingston.

More info: https://www.kingstongrand.ca/events/kingston-climate-change-symposium