Ontarians are paying for climate change. They deserve a plan.

Clean Energy Canada / Fernando Melo / 26 September 2018

Ontarians awoke to a cold reality check Tuesday morning - in a province that's literally heating up.

Environmental Commissioner of Ontario Dianne Saxe didn't mince words in her 2018 Greenhouse Gas Progress Report when she stated the size of the problem. The province is warming faster than the global average - Ontario is 1.5C hotter than it was in 1948 - with no clear plan in place to address the challenge.

This rapid warming can significantly increase the likeliness of extreme weather events, which plagued the province in 2018 - and which in the first months of this year inflicted nearly $1 billion in insured damage and another $1 billion in uninsured damage ...


  • Monthly presentations ending
    The TB Steering Committee has decided to end its monthly presentation series. The reasons behind this are two-fold: a lack of resources to organize the presentations and diminishing attendance numbers. The latter may have been provoked by the closure of the free weekly newspaper, The St. Lawrence News, which had reached every doorstep within town and many beyond, and which was reliably publishing our advance press releases. The SC does expect to offer further presentations on an ad hoc basis and, as always, welcomes your comments.
  • Municipal recycling programs – Links
    Transition Brockville / 02 October 2018
    In conjunction with the TB recycling display at Culture Days last weekend, we have created a web page with links to all the municipal recycling programs in our area. Also included is a March 2018 statement from Waste Management – Brockville, the City of Brockville’s current recycling contractor, regarding a recent change in China’s import policy on recycled materials. This change is bound to have repercussions on municipal programs when current contracts expire.
  • Brockville's newest community garden plan
    snapd 1000 Islands / 16 October 2018
    The Food Matters Coalition together with St. John Bosco Catholic School, Gemmell’s Garden Centre – Brockville, Transition Brockville, Volunteer Centre of St. Lawrence-Rideau, City of Brockville and The Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit are planning the development of a community garden in the greenspace on the west side of Dana St. just north of Laurier Blvd. intersection. This past Saturday, the groups involved had an Open House to introduce the plan to area ...


  • Recycling operation, BBL Energy, turns plastics to diesel, gas
    Recorder & Times / Wayne Lowrie / 18 October 2018
    An Ontario company has chosen Johnstown to become the first North American site of a recycling operation that uses a unique technology to turn plastics into light diesel oil and natural gas. Grant Lawson, president of BBL Energy Inc., said the company will take such "dirty" plastic waste as water bottles, food containers like margarine tubs, plastic bags, hospital waste, straws and industrial drums. This plastic is now plugging up landfills because it can't be recycled. The company's same ...
  • Blooming success for Brockville
    Recorder & Times / Ronald Zajac / 10 October 2018
    In July and August, [Communities in Bloom] volunteer judges [Doreen] Hill and Ron Dubyk travelled to Brockville to evaluate how city officials, local industry and businesses and the overall private sector, including volunteers, had fared in six criteria: Tidiness, environmental action, heritage conservation, urban forestry and trails, landscape and floral displays. Brockville got a five-bloom rating, and a special mention for heritage from Communities in Bloom Ontario. "Within the actual ...
  • Brockville backs active transportation plan
    Recorder & Times / Ronald Zajac / 26 September 2018
    A change of heart by Mayor David Henderson means Brockville will get its active transportation plan after all. City council on Tuesday voted down a recommendation by its finance, administration and operations committee – one Henderson supported last week at that committee meeting – which would have diverted money from the preparation of the plan to physical improvements on the Brock Trail. The mayor said the fact the Brock Trail committee was itself supporting the active transportation plan ...
  • Walking the rural way in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark
    Eastern Ontario Active Transportation Network / Fall 2018 Newsletter
    The Leeds, Grenville & Lanark (LGL) District Health Unit, in partnership with active school travel stakeholders in Brockville, Smiths Falls and Mississippi Mills, was successful in receiving $100,000 over two years to pilot the “Walking the Rural Way” Project. This project will operationalize “community tailored” Walking School Bus (WSB) models, using trained adult leaders to walk with elementary school children, on established routes to school. Similar to a yellow ...


  • In A Changing Climate: Foreword
    Greenbelt Foundation / Urvil Villaruel / 25 September 2018
    The Greenbelt Foundation is launching a new series exploring how our daily lives are impacted by the changing climate, the role of the Greenbelt in helping us to adapt, and how residents can take climate action. Our CEO Edward McDonnell shares his reflections on the series below. The Greenbelt is not an abstract ideal. It is a working landscape of over 4,800 farms and 47 towns and hamlets. It is home to a rich array of plants and animals. It is a destination for tourists to enjoy Ontario food, ...
  • Green Energy Doors Open & Ontario Energy Symposium
    OSEA / Newsletter / 01 October 2018
    Green Energy Doors Open happened all across on Ontario from Friday September 21st to Sunday the 23rd. Thank you to all the participants, hosts, partners and sponsors who made this year another success! Despite challenging weather events in some parts of the province, attendees still came out to discover and support renewable energy projects in their communities. Thanks to their dedication we are proving that renewable energy still matters in Ontario. Stay tuned for announcements and news on ...
  • Resilience: Transforming our Community
    Resilience Doc / 23 August 2018
    The film focuses on climate change in the Grey/Bruce region, but applies to all communities, large or small. Marine scientist Dr. John Anderson explains the problem. How climate change will affect us and what we can do about it. The film is designed to inspire action, using facilitated post-screening discussions. "It's so hard to know where to start," says John. "Change our light bulbs? Drive less? Eat less meat? But the trouble is if we act as individuals, it's just too little. If we wait for ...


  • Flipping Canada’s carbon price debate
    National Post / John Ivison / 19 September 2018
    The Liberals' Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act requires Ottawa to return tax revenue to the province where it was raised in cases where it has imposed a "backstop" carbon tax in the absence of a recognized provincial climate plan. Trudeau has indicated that, rather than sending a rebate to the governments of those provinces, he may choose to send the money directly to its households. Research by environmental economist Dave Sawyer of EnviroEconomics suggests that in this scenario most ...


  • New IPCC report offers climate solutions dependent on magic
    Pacific Standard / Richard Heinberg / 08 October 2018
    Over the past couple of decades, climate scientists have warned government leaders that global warming could pose an extinction-level threat to humanity. In response, policymakers have asked climate scientists for recommendations to stave off catastrophic global warming, just as long as these recommended policies wouldn’t curtail economic growth. Climate scientists, in turn, have come up with a series of proposals that are the equivalent of magic: They deliver desired results, but only if ...


  • Energy and GHG Management E-Learning
    Natural Resource Canada / Heads Up: Building Energy Efficiency / Vol 5, Issue 9
    NRCan's Greening Government Services (NRCan-GGS) recently published its first Energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) Management e-training modules on NRCan YouTube! In an effort to assist federal clients achieve the ambitious targets set under the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy and the Greening Government Strategy. NRCan-GGS is proud to announce the first of a series of e-learning courses, now available on NRCan YouTube. These e-learning modules will help you better understand and manage the ...
  • Older generations can teach us about plastic-free living
    Treehugger / Katherine Martinko / 27 September 2018
    At first glance, the future looks high-tech and cutting-edge. There’s a sense that we need to move beyond single-use plastics to solutions that only science can give us. But what if we’re heading in the wrong direction? What if the most straightforward answers to our problem lie in the past? We didn’t always have a plastic pollution problem. Before the mid-20th century, people made do without it and, presumably, as Mark Blackburn put it descriptively in an article for One ...
  • Mulch: Multitude of benefits
    Mother Earth News / Charlyn Ellis / 05 August 2015
    The Willamette Valley, usually known for it's darn near perfect summers - dry, breezy, in the eighties with cool nights - has seen two serious heat waves this summer. One came at the end of June, the second at the end of July. Both were problematic for crops, as they came right when many young transplants were settling into the fields. My own small scale fall and winter garden went in about four days before the second heat wave. How could I keep them alive in the blazing afternoon sun when their ...
  • Making homemade broth and stock
    Mother Earth News / Andrea Chesman / October/November 2018
    Nothing beats the convenience of having homemade broth and stock on hand in your kitchen. Homemade broths and stocks taste better than canned broths, bouillon cubes and pastes, and even expensive boxed broths. In addition, you'll reduce your kitchen waste if you extract the flavor that remains in bones and vegetable peelings after the other parts are consumed. But what do you call the simmering mixture in your pot? Is it broth, or is it stock? The two terms are often used interchangeably, and ...


Edible Landscapes: Kingston Home Gardeners Conference

Rideau 1000 Islands Master Gardeners
WHEN: Saturday, October 27, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
WHERE: Christ Church Parish Centre, 990 Sydenham Road, Kingston

Special guest Diana Beresford-Kroeger, world renowned author, medical biochemist and botanist. Topics include:

  • Converting lawns to new gardens - 2 easy methods
  • Unusual varieties and germinating and saving your seeds
  • Edible mushrooms and wild plants in the garden
  • Why and which trees for our area?
  • Making your own fertilizer - new insights on how to make great compost
  • New approaches to pruning fruit trees
  • Edible perennial polycultures
  • Mimicking forests and permaculture design

More info and registration: https://rideau1000islandsmastergardeners.com/


Aquatarium Lecture Series
WHEN: Saturday, October 27, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
WHERE: Aquatarium, 6 Broad Street, Brockville

Presented by Dr. Brian Hickey, Education and Research Scientist. Come learn all about the mysterious flying mammal of the night, discover its unique characteristics and ways you can help their populations thrive!

Special Aquatarium admission of $9.99 after 3:30 pm. Free for Friends members.

Fair Finance Fund Forum

Local Food and Farm Co-ops (LFFC) and Rural Agri-Innovation Network (RAIN)
WHEN: Tuesday, October 30, 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
WHERE: Arts Centre Hastings, 230 Durham Street South, Madoc

LFFC and RAIN, a division of Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre (SSMIC), are proud to announce a new initiative, the Fair Finance Fund. Designed to support the local food and farm sector across Ontario, the Fair Finance Fund will support social enterprises and farms that have explicit values in enhancing local food systems, local economies, and the planet. This loan fund will build on seed capital to implement an ongoing investment opportunity for community-minded investors to support food that is grown, raised and processed in their own backyards. During the event, we will share more about the progress of the fund and receive your feedback. We welcome all stakeholders engaged in the local food and farm space. Light refreshments and snacks will be provided. Are you a farm and food enterprise? Community investor? Local food advocate? Economic development organization? We want to hear your voice!

Please contact us at info@localfoodandfarm.coop if you have any questions. More info can be found on our website: http://www.localfoodandfarm.coop/about-the-fair-finance-fund

Heritage Skills Workshop: Preserving for Winter

Brockville Museum
WHEN: Wednesday, October 31, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
WHERE: Brockville Museum, 5 Henry Street, Brockville

Second in a series of 3 workshops. Join the Brockville Museum for this year's Heritage Skills Workshops! These workshops are hands-on learning experiences that allow participants to explore largely forgotten skills and techniques in an informal setting, with museum educator Peggy Hause. This year's theme will be Pioneer Skills. These workshops will explore various pioneer skills that were once common place but that have now virtually disappeared in our modern world, and include "Natural Pharmacy", "Preserving for the Winter", and "Corn Husk Art". These workshops will run the last Wednesday of the month, September through November from 1 – 3 p.m.

Purchase the entire series of three for only $36 per person or $15 per person for single programs. The cost includes all supplies and participants will be able to take home the results of their class. Advance registration is required. Please contact Peggy Hause at phause@brockville.com or 613-342-4397 x6225 to register

SNG Movie Night: Food Evolution

Sustainable North Grenville
WHEN: Thursday, November 1, 7:00 pm
WHERE: Grenville Mutual Building, 380 Colonnade Drive, Kemptville

The team at Sustainable North Grenville has been at work, planning the fall and winter events for our community. We will be leading with a movie night to screen the Scott Hamilton Kennedy film "Food Evolution". Narrated by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, this documentary film explores "the good, the bad and the ugly of genetic engineering". The filmmakers felt that genetically modified organisms ("GMOs") had become a metaphor for almost every issue we have with food and our food system and decided to explore whether, by better understanding the GMO issues, we could make better decisions about science and technology in general. More information on the film can be found online at www.foodevolutionmovie.com

Please aim to arrive by 6:45 pm so we can be ready for a 7:00 pm start. There is no cost to join us. Donations are discretionary and always welcome to help us cover the licensing costs for screenings such as this. Come watch the film and mingle with others from the community. We will have some time afterwards for discussion and to share thoughts.

BCCG Workshop: Berry bush pruning

Butlers Creek Community Garden
WHEN: Saturday, November 3, 11:00 am - noon
WHERE: BCCG, Gord Watts Municipal Building, 251 North Augusta Road, Brockville

The gardeners of Butlers Creek Community Garden have invited master gardener Mary Ann Van Berlo to present a workshop on the pruning of berry bushes ... and you are invited as well!