Newsletter 123, 27 March 2017

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Transition Brockville celebrates its 10th anniversary

Transition Brockville / 26 March 2017

In March 2007, Brockville resident Hugh Campbell called a meeting of anyone interested in fighting climate change at the local level.

The Brockville Climate Action Group (BCAG), as it was called then, arose from that first well-attended meeting. The next month MP Gord Brown unveiled the group's new website, and Mayor David Henderson congratulated the group's initiative and hoped the City could use the group "as a resource in our efforts to do what we can for our environment."

BCAG's mission was to help identify personal and community-wide steps to both reduce carbon emissions and adapt to the climate changes and resource depletion that were already unavoidable.

Within a few months of its formation, the group began offering free public monthly presentations, in partnership with the Brockville Public Library, where they are held to this day. Expert speakers have enlightened the public on everything from renewable energy to green building, from degrowth to cooperative enterprises, from living closer to nature to nurturing our personal inner transitions to be more in tune with the needs of our changing world. Sometimes we screened timely documentaries. Other times we gathered for a potluck supper and open discu...

Seedy Saturday growing bigger and bigger

Recorder & Times / Jonathon Brodie / 13 March 2017

The Seedy Saturday Free Seed Exchange is finding its roots in Brockville. The third edition of the event took place Saturday and already it has shown considerable growth, moving from its former home at the city library and into the Memorial Centre hall this year.

On top of the garden clubs that have always been involved in the event, organizers chose to listen to last year's feedback and expand by bringing in vendors as well. Five local vendors, ranging from hone...

Sustainability centre proposed for Brockville

Transition Brockville / 25 March 2017

Transition Brockville's Feb. 26 presentation featured Dr. Ellie Bennett, speaking on the International Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities, whose aims are to inspire creative, innovative, and effective ways for people and nature to thrive together in rural communities.

In future, that could mean Brockville and area residents will benefit from ICSRC initiatives ranging from hosting a fre...

Transition Backgrounder: Why people get involved

The Essential Guide to Doing Transition / 2016
People get involved with Transition for all sorts of reasons:
  • To get to know their neighbours
  • To feel that they are making a difference in the world, both now, and for future generations
  • To overcome the sense of disconnection they feel from self, others and from the nature around them because the world's huge challenges feel more manageable if addressed at the local scale
  • To catalyse all manner of new projects, enterprises and investment opportunities
  • To learn new skills
  • To feel like they are creating a more life-enhancing story for their place
  • To feel connected to other people, the natural world, and to something historic and exciting happening around them
  • Because they feel it is "the right thing to do"
  • Because they feel disenfranchised by politics and want to be able to take back a sense that they can influence the world around them


Cornwall's Seedy Saturday: Idea has grown

Cornwall Standard-Freeholder / Todd Hambleton / 19 March 2017

It's an idea that goes back a couple of years, got nurtured and grew, and has now expanded to the Benson Centre.

It was "Seedy Saturday,'' the third annual version, presented by Transition Cornwall+ Food Action Group, and All Things Food. The event brought together a variety of seed vendors, local food vendors, beginner and advanced gardening workshops, free children's activities and locally made refreshments, all under one roof....

The Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op launches its fifth securities offering and is seeking to raise up to $2 million to invest in four local solar power projects. The Co-op's latest projects include a rooftop project at both the Twin Elm Rugby Park and KIN Vineyard in Carp along with a ground mount system in Alfred, Ontario, and a rooftop system on a private building. These projects will start to produce power fo...

Trailblazing with an awesome, zero-waste grocery store

National Observer / Elizabeth McSheffrey / 08 March 2017
Nu Grocery hasn't opened yet, but once Leloup finalizes lease negotiations, she expects to launch sometime this summer. She's keeping the location a secret until then, but said the one-stop shop will sell everything in bulk from dry goods to beauty products. Customers are invited to bring ...


Facing Climate Change part 2

Environmental Commissioner of Ontario / 09 March 2017
This webinar [recording] covers chapters 4 – 7 of Facing Climate Change, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario's 2016 Greenhouse Gas Progress Report, released to the Ontario Legislature on November 22, 2016...

Ontario taking next step to go waste-free

Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change / 01 March 2017
Today, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray announced Ontario's Strategy for a Waste-Free Ontario: Building the Circular Economy. This new strategy outlines the province's plan to fight climate change by reducing landfilled materials that could otherwise be reu...

Involving community members in wind-farm planning and ensuring nearby residents benefit from turbines would go a long way toward winning local buy-in for such projects, a new Canadian study concludes. The study, published in a recent edition of the Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, notes that fast-paced de...

How much does it really cost to charge that electric vehicle? / Evan Williams / 02 March 2017
Just about every article or news piece about an electric car that we do – and there is a lot of EV news lately – gets a comment thread filled with people debating the price of charging an EV. "Hydro rates are so high", "maybe when electricity is cheaper", "who can afford to drive one when I can use ...

Study shows massive global permafrost melt underway

Common Dreams / Nika Knight / 01 March 2017
The study in northwest Canada mapped approximately half a million square miles of tundra and found that 52,000 square miles—an area the size of Alabama—is affected by the decay of permafrost, InsideClimate News's Bob Berwyn reported Tuesday. The collapse of permafrost is "intensifying," the researchers...


First climate model, age 50, predicted AGW almost perfectly

Forbes / Ethan Siegel / 15 March 2017
Modeling the Earth's climate is one of the most daunting, complicated tasks out there. If only we were more like the Moon, things would be easy. The Moon has no atmosphere, no oceans, no icecaps, no seasons, and no complicated flora and fauna to get in the way of simple radiative physics. No wonder it's so c...

The devastating impact of flying

The Conversation / Roger Tyers / 11 January 2017

Ready to get over your post-festive comedown by booking an escape to the sun? For many of you, that will involve flying. And while I'm sorry to put a downer on your holiday plans, there are several problems with this from a climate perspective.

The first is that aviation is essentially a fossil fuel industry, one which guzzles an eye-watering 5m barrels of oil every day. Burning that fuel currently contributes around 2.5% to total carbon emissions, a proportion which could rise to 22% by 2050 as o...

Experts: 'Myth' that pesticides are necessary to feed the world

The Guardian / Damian Carrington / 07 March 2017
The idea that pesticides are essential to feed a fast-growing global population is a myth, according to UN food and pollution experts. A new report, being presented to the UN human rights council on Wednesday, is severely critical of the global corporations that manufacture pesticides, accusing...

Half of all species could be extinct by end of century

The Guardian / Robin McKie / 25 February 2017

"The living fabric of the world is slipping through our fingers without our showing much sign of caring," say the organisers of the Biological Extinction conference held at the Vatican this week.

Threatened creatures such as the tiger or rhino may make occasional headlines, but little attention is paid to the eradication of most other life forms, they argue. But as the conference will hear, these animals and plants provide us with our food and medicine. They purify our water and air while also absorbing carbon emissio...

Synthetic clothing, tires polluting the oceans in a big way

CNBC / Anmar Frangoul / 22 February 2017
A new report from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has found that as much as 31 percent of the estimated 9.5 million tonnes of plastic that enters the ocean annually could be from sources such as tires and synthetic clothing. These products can release "primary microplastics"...


Despair is not a strategy: 15 principles of hope / Abby Brockman / 06 March 2017
If you're out there trying to change your neighborhood, community, city, country, or the world then this is for you. In moments when everything seems hopeless, read this to get your hope on. 1. Hope can co-exist with other feelings. Grief and hope can co-exist. Fear and hope can co-exist. Disappointm...

10 climate-aware parents: talking to kids about global warming

The Tyee / Anna Fahey / 05 January 2017
Nobody wants to frighten their kids. (We know even the most reasonable adults are shut down by fear.) But as the stakes grow more stark and the politics get more divisive, it's more crucial than ever that we bring the full force of our emotions to this fight and that we raise active, community-minded, and ...

Is it okay to enjoy the warm winters of climate change?

The Atlantic / Robinson Meyer / 23 February 2017
How much should we really be enjoying weather so unseasonal, so suggestive of the consequences of climate change, when we're doing so little to combat the larger phenomenon? If we think the future consequences of climate change will be very bad, are we allowed to savor them now? There is, of ...

How to share a vegetable garden

Shareable / Janelle Orsi / 19 October 2009
Question: "I would like to start a vegetable garden, but I live in an apartment and don't have yard space. My neighbor a few blocks down has a huge front yard and she offered to let me grow vegetables there. Are there any legal or other issues we should think about?" – Dania M. It is wonderful that y...

We live in a time of tremendous political, environmental, and economic upheaval, which begs a profoundly important question: What should we do? We at Post Carbon Institute believe that, among other things, two areas of engagement are absolutely critical: Understand the true nature of the challenges we as a society face. Wh...


  Official trailer: Obselidia

Vimeo / Diane Bell / 2010
Winner of two awards at Sundance and nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards, Diane Bell's ravishingly beautiful debut feature OBSELIDIA tells the story of lonely George, a man out of step with the 21st century who is writing an encyclopedia of obsolete things. On his quest to catalogue endangered occupations, h...

  Weather and Climate Summit 2017: Dr Jim White

Understanding Climate Change / 29 January 2017
Presentation by Dr. Jim White, Director of the Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research. Opens with a review of the 5 most popular questions Dr. White is asked at public presentations.


Brockville Community-Wide Cleanup

WHEN: Saturday, April 22, 9:00 am - noon
WHERE: City-wide

The Brockville Community-Wide Cleanup organizing committee is comprised of volunteer community members and students. Each year, the committee coordinates with City of Brockville staff and with the financial support from environmentally conscious businesses, in an effort make our city clean.

The greatest efforts come directly from local volunteers and neighbours, who pitch-in armed with rakes and garbage bags. Each year this event draws a few hundred volunteers, removing tonnes of garbage and recyclable rubbish from our parks and green spaces.

More info:

10th Annual NG Sustainability Fair and Market

Sustainable North Grenville
WHEN: Sunday, April 23, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
WHERE: North Grenville Municipal Centre, 285 County Road 44, Kemptville, ON

Speaker Series: Matt Windle, St. Lawrence River Institute

WHEN: Tuesday, May 2, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
WHERE: Aquatarium, Broad Street, Brockville, ON

Come to our Lighthouse Theatre and hear Matt Windle, from the St. Lawrence River Institute, talk about the great research and special programs they are doing. $5 at the door. Doors open at 6:45 p.m. • • Facebook Group

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