Newsletter 089, 21 April 2014


Earth Day 2014: Measuring Our Pulse

?From the feature documentary Call of Life and other sources:
  • 90% of Lions gone since 1993
  • 90% of Big Ocean Fish gone since 1950
  • 50% of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985
  • 50% of Fresh Water Fish gone since 1987
  • 30% of Marine Birds gone since 1995
  • 28% of Land Animals gone since 1970
  • 28% of all Marine Animals gone since 1970
  • 50% of all Vertebrate Species gone by 2040
  • 40% of all Phytoplankton in oceans lost since 1950
  • 60% of Beehives gone in U.S. since 1947
  • 90 elephants and 2-3 rhinos are killed every single day
  • Asian elephant, blue whale, common chimpanzee, giant panda, Japanese crane, snow leopard, wild water buffalo, Bactrian camel, California condor, mountain gorilla, red wolf, southern bluefin tuna are all now endangered
  • Extinctions are 1000 times faster than natural background rate
  • U.S. soil erosion rate is 11,000 pounds per acre, 27 times the natural rate
  • Ocean acidification to double by 2050 and to triple by 2100
  • 20 million tons of plastic enters the world's oceans annually


Next up: The effects of global warming on our local weather

Brockville and district has so far escaped the type of devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina (2005) in New Orleans, Tropical Storm Irene (2011) in New England or Hurricane Sandy (2012) in New Jersey and New York.

But in the last two decades, this region has seen extremes of weather, such as the extended ice storm in 1998, more violent winds, severe droughts – most recently in 2012, more frequent brush fires, and very low water levels. A shifting climate also brings invasions of species such as the tick that carries Lyme disease and the emerald ash borer.

To help area residents better understand the expected impacts of human-caused global warming on our local climate and weather, we have invited meteorologist Phil Chadwick, of Lyndhurst, to speak at our next presentation. Known popularly as Phil "The Forecaster," Chadwick spent most of his meteorological career with Environment Canada in Ontario as a severe weather specialist. He has instructed meteorologists across North America on severe weather prediction, and was involved with the weather story around the ice storm of 1998.

With co-author Bill Hume, he has written Weather of Ontario, a lavishly illustrated guide to the weather, with tips on how to "read the weather" and specific reference to Ontario regions. It includes a summary of extreme weather throughout Ontario's history, as well as the implications of global warming in Ontario.

Chadwick is prepared to discuss a number of topics, such as what aspects of the weather are likely to intensify and cause problems here for structures and crops; the effect of the presence or loss of river ice cover; what to expect in the way of winds, drought and flooding; and what individuals and communities can do to mitigate the harmful effects of severe weather. Copies of Weather of Ontario will be available for purchase.

WHEN: Sunday, April 27, 2:00 pm
WHERE: Brockville Public Library, 23 Buell Street, Brockville

Later Presentations

May 25: [TBA]
June 22: [TBA]

Please let us know what you'd like to hear about, or to hear more about, through this online form.

Update on August 2013 presentation: Enterprise Rent-a-Car buys Toronto-based AutoShare network

Globe and Mail / Greg Keenan / 26 March 2014
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Canada Co. is purchasing Toronto-based AutoShare CarSharing Network Inc., as the concept of vehicle sharing expands as members of younger generations of drivers seek options to buying vehicles to avoid insurance payments, maintenance costs and the high up-front or monthly costs of owning their own vehicles...

Update on January 2014 presentation: Electric Bicycle ("e-bike") Frequently Asked Questions

Ontario MOT / 05 November 2013
What is a power-assisted bicycle ("e-bike")? Why did Ontario place additional safety equipment requirements on e-bikes? Why was meeting the federal definition alone not sufficient? Is a power-assisted bicycle the same as an e-bike? Do all e-bikes look like bicycles? I have seen som...

Update on March 2014 presentation: Resources on Voluntary Simplicity

Transition Brockville / 24 March 2014
Diana Beresford-Kroeger gave a inspiring talk to a packed house on The Sweetness of a Simple Life. Here are some additional resources on voluntary simplicity. Simple Living on Wikipedia The Simplicity Collective The Simplicity Forum Choosing Voluntary Simplicity...


New TB sign donated

We wish to thank Peter Breedyk for creating a new Transition Brockville sign for us. Made from wood and etched with our name and logo, we expect this new sign will serve us well for a long time to come, at meetings, fairs, rain barrel sales, etc. Peter will be opening a new small business, Higgins Court Millworks, later this summer.

Community outreach

Members of our Steering Committee are available to speak to groups throughout the community, whether it be a lunch-and-learn at your place of business, a presentation to your board of directors or group members, or an informal neighbourhood discussion. Contact us at

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Shell Canada gives to Brockville tree project

Brockville and Area Community Foundation / Press Release / 05 April 2014
The BACF was notified that they had been granted $8,500 for a Brockville Tree Planting Project. The focus will be to maintain a healthy inventory of trees on City streets and in community green spaces to enhance the quality of life and positively impact the City's carbon footprint...

Conventional bus rides down

Recorder & Times / Ronald Zajac / 25 March 2014
The regular system went from 111,001 rides in 2012 to 102,764 last year, for a drop of 7.4 per cent. Those people taking the conventional buses were more frequently among the disabled population. The statistics show the number of times the regular buses' lifts were deployed more than doubled, fr...

In this issue: Making Sense of Increased Tanker Rail Traffic - In all the concerns over the conversion of eastbound pipelines – Energy East and Line 9 – it can easily be forgotten that huge amounts of crude oil are currently being shipped east through Perth, Smiths Falls, Merrickville and Kemptville – by rail ... Pipeline Presentat...

If you build it, they will grow

Kingston Whig-Standard / Michael Lea / 06 April 2014
It's an experiment they started after reading about the work of Maine farmer and writer Eliot Coleman, who promoted extending the growing season by using unheated greenhouses. If it works in Maine, why not in Battersea, the Freemans wondered. The vegetables are planted in the greenhouse in ...

E-Waste partnership a huge success

Perth Courier / 20 March 2014
In the first four months of the Youth Action Kommittee's (YAK) e-waste recycling program, 30,233 pounds of electronics were diverted from local landfills. The program has recycled 18,031 pounds of televisions, 3624 pounds of computers and 8578 pounds of other electronic items. The total weight of electronics col...

Individuals and organizations join HUB Ottawa because of the inspiring work environment, diverse community, and the focus on collaboration, peer learning, and member engagement. As a part of the Global HUB Network, HUB Ottawa members have immediate access to a vibrant global community and a brain trust of over 9000 individuals leading social innova...


Renewables in Ontario residential electricity bills

Environmental Defence / Gillian McEachern / 14 March 2014
A colder-than-normal winter and news reports about rising electricity prices have made energy costs a top of mind issue in Ontario. We've supported the move off coal electricity and expansion of renewable energy in Ontario because both are good for our environment and our health. Whi...

Ontarians say: Tree planting key to reducing climate change

Forests Ontario / Press Release / 20 March 2014
National Take a Walk in the Park Day is just around the corner (March 30), and a new Leger survey shows that 88 per cent of Ontarians believe that tree planting and better forest management practices are key in reducing the risks of climate change. "These results prove that Ontarians are educa...

Province building cycling infrastructure

Ministry of Transportation / Press Release / 14 April 2014
Ontario is proposing to invest $10 million over three years to help municipalities improve cycling infrastructure. As part of its first Cycling Action Plan, the funding would help municipalities expand their local cycling routes and support connections for a future provincial cyclin...

Toronto City Council pushes back against Big Oil and Line 9 / John Riddell / 09 April 2014
Toronto City Council adopted a series of motions on April 1 seeking to protect residents against transport of toxic oil products by pipeline and rail. While the motions have no legal effect, they mark an important victory for local ecological campaigners and all Toronto residents. Most notably, the ...

Extreme energy's threat to Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway

Council of Canadians / Maude Barlow / 26 March 2014
Events are moving rapidly to establish the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River as a carbon corridor for a newly aggressive North American energy industry, posing the greatest threat yet to these waters. Maude Barlow's new report Liquid Pipeline: Extreme energy's threat to the Great Lakes ...


Extreme weather in Canada

Canadian Climate Forum / December 2013
Toronto's record-breaking July rain happened less than a week after Calgary lifted a State of Emergency in that city following relentless downpours that flooded large parts of its downtown and as many as 30 nearby towns and municipalities. The Alberta floods caused four deaths and displaced tens of thousa...

Small Canadian communities not ready for climate change

UBC Botanical Garden / Press Release / 03 February 2014
Dramatic differences exist in how Canadian communities are preparing for the effects of climate change, says a UBC professor who helped prepare a report by the National Municipal Adaptation Project (NMAP), a team of university researchers assessing how Canada's municipal governments are p...

Will Canadians wake up to the threats of extreme weather?

RBC / Press Release / 19 March 2014
Heavy rainstorms, snowfall and floods increasingly dominate news headlines, with extreme weather events directly affecting more than 3.5 million Canadians in 2013. According to the seventh annual RBC Canadian Water Attitude Study, three-quarters of Canadians (74 per cent) agree that climate change will cause t...

Climate Policy Year in Review and Trends, 2013

IISD / Dave Sawyer, Philip Gass / 2014
Dave Sawyer and Philip Gass have developed this piece as a year in review and a look forward to trends emerging for 2014 with regards to climate change mitigation policy in Canada. The year 2013 was marked by a loss of federal political will in the sector-by-sector greenhouse gas regulatory process. Equival...

Small investors gain access to elite world of private startup equity

Globe and Mail / Omar El Akkad / 26 March 2014
Oculus, like many tech startups, began as a project on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The project's founders started out in the summer of 2012 asking for $250,000 to build a virtual reality headset. Some 9,500 donations later, they raised almost $2.5-million. But because Kickstarter...


IPCC: 'Nobody will be untouched'

CBC News / AP / 31 March 2014
Global warming is driving humanity toward a whole new level of many risks, a United Nations scientific panel reports, warning that the wild climate ride has only just begun. "Nobody on this planet is going to be untouched by the impacts of climate change," Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change chairman Rajend...

Emissions rising to 'unprecedented levels,' UN panel warns

CTV News / Karl Ritter AP / 13 April 2014
The United Nations' expert panel on climate change is highlighting the disconnect between international goals to fight global warming and what's actually being done to attain them. Emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases must drop by 40-70 per cent by 2050 to keep the global temperatur...

Climate change to blame for extreme weather disasters, says WMO

Toronto Star / John Heilprin / 24 March 2014
The head of the UN weather agency said Monday that recent extreme weather patterns are "consistent" with human-induced climate change, citing key events that wreaked havoc in Asia, Europe, the U.S. and Pacific region last year. Michel Jarraud, secretary-general of the World Meteorological Organ...

Ten-fold increase in power outages over the last two decades

Climate Progress / Jeff Spross / 11 April 2014
A new report from Climate Central has found that major power outages have increased ten times over since the early 1980s — and extreme weather is by far the biggest culprit. The analysis defined a "major power outage" as a loss of electrical power for at least 50,000 people for at least an ...

'Blueprints' or 'Scramble'?

Common Dreams / 31 March 2014
In 2008, Royal Dutch Shell developed two sophisticated climate-risk scenarios called Blueprints and Scramble. The first modeled a greener future while the latter predicted – due to government inaction – a future of droughts, floods, heat waves and super storms. By 2012, Shell executives confided to Funk "We've gone to Scramble. This is a Scramble kind of world...

U.S. electricity price surged to all-time record for March

CNS News / Terence P. Jeffrey / 16 April 2014
The average price for a kilowatt-hour (KWH) of electricity hit a March record of 13.5 cents, according data released yesterday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That was up about 5.5 percent from 12.8 cents per KWH in March 2013. The relative price of electricity in the United States tends to ris...

Attention Shoppers: Fruit and vegetable prices are rising

Wall Street Journal / Eric Morath / 15 April 2014
The cost of fresh produce is poised to jump in the coming months as a three-year drought in California shows few signs of abating, according to an Arizona State University study set to be released Wednesday. The study found a head of lettuce could increase in price as much as 62 cents to $2.44...

Finance and food insecurity

The Automatic Earth / Nicole Foss / 03 April 2014
Modern agri-business has a very long list of dependencies on factors which are increasingly under threat, and as these obvious and predictable risks manifest, food insecurity will become a more ever-present condition globally. It is essential that we look to transforming food production, moving a...


Your Community Emergency Preparedness Guidebook

Safe Communities Brockville, Leeds & Grenville
In 1998, an Emergency Preparedness Guidebook was created to assist communities with the possibility of future ice storms or similar emergencies. While we are thankful that we have not experienced another ice storm, the potential certainly exists for other dangerous situations, which can be mitigated...

Community cooking classes

YMCA of Brockville and Area
Community cooking offers weekly cooking classes to help you choose, plan and cook healthy and affordable meals. Hands on cooking sessions will feature healthy eating tips and food preparation skills. Make new friends, learn new skills, eat healthier and save money! Take home recipes and a meal for your family. No Fee!...

Seed-starting secrets of a greenhouse professional

Mother Earth News / The Natural Garden Company / 18 March 2014
We began producing certified organic vegetable transplants 23 years ago at The Natural Gardening Company with very little experience under our belt. Since the early days we have produced well over a half million seedlings, learning by trial and error. I have no doubt there is more to...

4 keys to spring garden transplanting

Mother Earth News / Barbara Pleasant / April/May 2007
Starting your seedlings indoors, or purchasing greenhouse-grown transplants from your local garden store, can give you a head start that will add weeks to your growing season. This practice can make or break a crop if you live where summers are short, or in a climate where midsummer heat lead...

40 gardening tips to maximize your harvest

Mother Earth News / Barbara Pleasant / April/May 2011
The best way to keep top-quality, organically grown produce on your table year-round is to grow as much as you can, and preserve plenty to eat for when your garden isn't producing. This is a worthy goal, as organic, homegrown produce is more nutritious, delicious and sustainable than the ty...

Long-term food storage for 1 adult

Mother Earth News / Jane P. Merrill, Karen M. Sunderland / 11 March 2014
Feasting on Food Storage (Front Table Books, 2013), from mother-daughter team Jane P. Merrill and Karen M. Sunderland, is full of tips and tricks on meal planning, safe food storage, and preparing for the unexpected. This excerpt from the first chapter concerns the minimum ...

True Cost: Supermarket vs CSA food box

Sustainable Food Trust / Alicia Miller / 28 March 2014
My four year old daughter recently arrived home carrying a paper Tesco bag. She'd had a strange kind of school trip. They went to a local mill to see how it worked and then they took the flour from the mill over to Tesco, where they made hot cross buns in the bakery. Now the thing that bot...

Batteries for solar power

Mother Earth News / Steven D. Gregersen / 21 March 2014
Batteries for solar power store the excess energy from your solar panels for use after the sun goes down or at times when your electrical loads are drawing out more than the panels are putting in. You'll have to choose between deep-cycle batteries, golf cart batteries, sealed (or not) ...

The catalytic effect of community-led action

Transition Culture / Rob Hopkins / 14 April 2014
One of the most fascinating recent studies into the impact of Transition was Local Communities Leading the Way to a Low Carbon Society, a report published by AEIDL (Association Européenne pour l'Information sur le Développement Local). It looks at Transition, permaculture and ecovillage netwo...

Growing up free: Inspiring a love of nature

Mother Earth News / Bryan Welch / 07 March 2014
If exposure to nature has been a formative experience for so many of our wisest teachers, how can we deprive our children of that instruction? On the other hand, a child alone in nature is vulnerable. I don't question the vulnerability of children. Part of the magic of the natural experien...


  Why our financial systems have to crash

Casey Research / 09 April 2014
Chris Martenson, co-founder of and author of The Crash Course, discusses why our financial systems have to crash … the coming wealth transfer … why oil will never be cheap again … and how you can personally prepare for a t...

  Macro Analytics - Golden era of low hanging fruit / Gordon T Long, Charles Hugh Smith / 08 April 2014
Let's call the strategy of picking all the low-hanging fruit in an economy Plan A: you know, expanding credit, lowering interest rates, building infrastructure, fueling speculative frenzies, all the good stuff that fans the flames of "growth." Now that the central banks an...

Mike Mann discusses his new piece in Scientific American, which outlines critical thresholds in climate warming in the not-too-far-off future, based on the sensitivity of Earth climate.

  Years of Living Dangerously - Premiere episode

Showtime / 06 April 2014
Years of Living Dangerously takes you directly to the heart of the matter in this awe-inspiring and cinematic documentary series event from Executive Producers James Cameron, Jerry Weintraub and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  Energy and the financial system / Alex Lenferna / 07 April 2014
Peak oil theorists have long been regarded by mainstream economists as the boys and girls who cried wolf. But just because the outlooks of mainstream economists failed to see the wolf does not mean it was not there. Rather, according to Roger Boyd's Energy and the Financial System: What Every Econ...

  Edible perennial gardening

Permaculture / Rory Prendergast / 24 March 2014
Anni Kelsey's first book Edible Perennial Gardening is receiving great reviews from some eminent people such as permaculture author, Patrick Whitefield, Agroforestry Research Trust founder, Martin Crawford and the edible forest gardener, Eric Toensmeier. Their feedback is in advance of the book's l...

  6,000 lbs of food on 1/10th acre

Food Abundance / 20 March 2012
Over 6,000 pounds of food per year, on 1/10 acre located just 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. The Dervaes family grows over 400 species of plants, 4,300 pounds of vegetable food, 900 chicken and 1,000 duck eggs, 25 lbs of honey, plus seasonal fruits throughout the year.

  Jean-Martin Fortier: A model for profitable micro-farming

Peak Prosperity / 29 March 2014
A quick summary of the numbers from their 1.5 acre operation: 2013 revenue: $140,000 Customer sales breakdown: CSA operations (140 members): 60% Farmer's markets (2): 30% Restaurants/grocery stores: 10% Staff: 2 paid employees + the Fortiers 2013 Expenses: $75,000 2013 Profit: $65,000 (~45% profit mar...

Ontario farms some of the most fertile agricultural lands in North America. Yet we also import millions of tonnes of fresh food every year. With droughts in California, Brazil and Australia and soil contamination in China putting severe pressure on food from foreign lands, The Agenda ...

  Energy slaves

Extraenvironmentalist / Issue 76 / 31 March 2014
In Extraenvironmentalist #76 we discuss our global energy systems with Andrew Nikiforuk as we discuss his new book, The Energy of Slaves: Oil and the New Servitude...

  The benefits of deploying investment capital locally

Peak Prosperity / Chris Martenson, Michael Shuman / 23 March 2014
Michael Shuman: What I attribute Burlington's success to is that for the last twenty-five years, their economic development team, led in part by a fellow named Bruce Seifer, focused not on the attraction of global companies but focused instead on the nurturing of local business and local entrepreneurship....

This feature length documentary tracks the changing landscape of business with the rising tide of conscious capitalism and features the inspiring stories of several subversive entrepreneurs from Vancouver who are redefining what it means to be successful.


Earth Day 2014

WHEN: Tuesday, April 22
WHERE: Canada-wide

Each year, Earth Day Canada organizes an April campaign to help educate and engage people of all ages and backgrounds to lessen their impact on the Earth. A great way to start is integrating easy environmental actions into your day-to-day life – those small changes add up to a larger cumulative impact over time. And not only are these changes good for the environment, they're often good for your health and can even help you save money!

More info:

Webinar: Strategies to stop extreme energy in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Basin

WHEN: Tuesday, April 22, 12 noon - 1:15 pm
WHERE: Online

Extreme energy projects such as fracking, tar sands oil pipelines and shipments and nuclear waste dumps are putting the Great Lakes in peril. How do we move from a model where governments approve extreme energy projects without the consent of communities to a commons and public trust approach that prioritizes the basic needs of communities, the rights of indigenous peoples and the sustainability of water and the land?

Communities around the Great Lakes are on the frontlines to protect the Lakes for generations to come. On Earth Day (April 22), join Maude Barlow and other Great Lakes stewards to discuss strategies to fight extreme energy around the Lakes.


IPCC Reports - Info Session

WHEN: Tuesday, April 22, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
WHERE: Room 12102, Desmarais Building, University of Ottawa, 55 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa

The Canadian Climate Forum will hold a symposium to examine the incidence and impact of extreme weather, the challenges it raises - and how we can prepare for, or adapt to it, to minimize its often-devastating effects. The Symposium will bring together experts from a range of fields, including scientists, agency executives, policy and decision makers from the public and private sectors. Presentations and discussions will provide insights into extreme events and address the economic, infrastructural and health challenges they raise. Participants will also discuss measures to develop resilience and to safeguard people and businesses.

Please visit our website for a copy of the agenda. More info:

MJWA Spring clean-up

WHEN: Friday, April 25, 9:30 am - 12 noon
WHERE: Mac Johnson Wildlife Area, Debruge Road, Brockville

The rally point is the Centennial Road parking area and the suggested focus areas are: 1) The fire break inside the fence line on the North side of Centennial road. 2) The canoe launch 3) The main parking area and Trails 4 and 5 4) The North driveway and parking area, Debruge Road (if time and resources permit). Ange Gabriel School will be providing 42 students and 8 teachers. A small BBQ lunch will be served at the rally point. The city will provide gloves, bags and T-shirts.

Brockville Community Clean Up Day

WHEN: Saturday, April 26
WHERE: Brockville city-wide

For several years running, neighbours, school groups, sports teams, work places, and church organizations have been volunteering a Saturday morning in April; as a community they rake Brockville's parks and green spaces into shape. On this day each year, hundreds of bags of rubbish and recyclables are removed from our parks, and small branches & leaves are tied up or bagged for composting. Can you help the effort? Can you bring a group or team with you?

More info:

Learn About Trumpeter Swans

WHEN: Saturday, April 26, 10:00 am - 12 noon
WHERE: Mac Johnson Wildlife Area, 4649 Debruge Road, Brockville

Join us at the Nature Centre to learn more about the Trumpeter Swans. Stefan Foerster, CRCA Conservation Areas Supervisor, will be giving a presentation on Trumpeter Swans. After the presentation, walk down to the Buells Creek Reservoir to see if you can spot the swans and catch them feeding at the swan feeder.

More info: or or 613-546-4288

Backyard Chickens

WHEN: Saturday, April 26, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
WHERE: Escott Library - Springfield House - 2nd floor, 1365 County Road 2, Escott

This introductory seminar will cover the basics of raising chickens in your back yard as a hobby and will cover topics such as breeds, selection, shelter, feeding and practical advice. Wendy Desrocher has been raising chickens from her farm in Lansdowne for 18 years. Wendy and her husband are very interested in selective breeding with Ameraucana chickens and have been experimenting to bring new colours into the breed. Wendy can name every one of her seventy chickens.

Admission is free, registration is required
Information and registration: or 613-659-3800
Refreshments available Presented by Leeds and the Thousand Islands Public Library

SNG Annual Sustainability Fair

WHEN: Sunday, April 27, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
WHERE: North Grenville Municipal Centre, Leeds and Grenville 44, Kemptville

Sustainable North Grenville was created to help raise awareness about sustainability issues in North Grenville, and to share information with those who would like to see our community become more sustainable. Our signature annual event is the North Grenville Sustainability Fair, a fun, family friendly event held in the spring every year in celebration of Earth Day. This year, we are hoping that you and your groups and networks will come and bring your ideas about sustainability, community and environmental awareness and participate in this year's edition.

More info:

Rural Economic Summit of Ontario

WHEN: Wednesday, April 30 - Friday, May 2
WHERE: Clarence-Rockland Arena, 8710 County Rd 17, Rockland

The Rural Economic Summit will bring together well over 200 delegates to tackle key sensitive economic themes for rural communities. These themes include rural economic development, promising economic sectors, the leadership of women entrepreneurs, international business development, the added value of social enterprises, networking and added value partnerships, and entrepreneurial succession planning initiatives. CCEDNet member Groupe Convexe is one of the planning partners in this event, while other CCEDNet members like the Tamarack Institute and the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal will be engaged as speakers.

More info and registration:

Annual Community Tree Planting Weekend

WHEN: Saturday, May 3 - Sunday, May 4
WHERE: Ontario-wide

The annual Community Planting Weekend takes place during the first weekend of May. It brings together families, community members and volunteers to take part in a half-day tree planting activity, promoting local engagement and environmental awareness. This family friendly event offers participants the chance to directly support their community in a local reforestation project and learn about the benefits of trees, shade and green urban spaces. The events are held rain or shine and participants are asked to bring a shovel, gardening gloves and a lot of energy! Trees Ontario and its partners supply the rest - the trees, forestry specialists, mulch and snacks. Appropriate outdoor clothing, sturdy shoes (steel toe if possible), a hat and sunscreen are recommended.

More info:

Brockville Farmers' Market opens for season

WHEN: Saturday, May 3
WHERE: Market Street West, Brockville

More info:

The Living Sustainably and Independently, Ready for Rough Times, Hands-On, Off-Grid, Prepping Workshop

WHEN: Saturday, May 3, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
WHERE: Sunflower Farm, north of Kingston

With the realities of the on-going financial crisis, climate change, extreme weather, resource depletion and peak oil, people want a strategy on personal solutions. How should you power your home, from electricity to heat? How do you grow and store more of your own food? How do you change your relationship with money to deal with uncertain times?

The workshop will take place at the off-grid home of authors Cam and Michelle Mather and will include seeing all the solutions in action, from touring his garden and independent power system, to his root cellar, woodlot, berry patch, pantry, and everything in between. You will leave inspired and with the tools you need to assess where you're at in these challenging times, and how to get where you want to be. It will also be a great chance to meet others who share your goals to help you start to build a network of like-minded people.

More info:

Jane's Walk - Brockville

WHEN: Saturday, May 3, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
WHERE: Fountain at Courthouse Green, Brockville

The walk will quickly explore some of the historic buildings (and associated events) in downtown Brockville. Your guide will be local resident Dale Chisamore.

More info:

Solar Ontario 2014

WHEN: Wednesday, May 7 - Thursday, May 8
WHERE: Ottawa Conference and Event Centre, Ottawa

Maintaining the tradition of featuring the most important keynote and guest speakers, Solar Ontario welcomes 50 industry and market experts, in a record-breaking year in Ontario where over 1 GW of solar PV was installed in 2013 with another 1 GW to be installed in 2014. CanSIA's events are the 'who's-who' in the solar industry. For the first time, CanSIA is making attendance at Solar Ontario 2014 free-of-charge to all 3 levels of Canadian Government. We are expecting over 150 representatives of Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government.

More info:

Eastern Ontario Active Transportation Summit

WHEN: Thursday, May 29 - Friday, May 30
WHERE: Almonte Old Town Hall, 14 Bridge St, Almonte

There will be information for a variety of people involved in active transportation including municipalities (economic development, recreation & road planning), businesses, residents, health and community agencies. The event will provide success stories about making communities more bikeable and walkable through trails, sidewalks, parks, pathways. We have an excellent list of Presenters who will share ideas, resources, and expertise. There will also be an opportunity for networking and collaboration. There will be a small fee to cover some of the costs but currently registration is closed until the final details have been worked out.

Please save the date -- and stay tuned!

It is not the strongest of the species that survives... nor the most intelligent that survives.
It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.


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