Local Foods

As an active member of the Food Matters Coalition, Transition Brockville provides this Local Foods directory in support of sustainable, healthy lifestyles.

This directory is weighted toward locally-owned and -controlled operations in Brockville and surrounding areas. For those growing their own gardens, it provides links to businesses selling seeds and seedlings as well as links to numerous How-To sites.

Important Notice about Community Gardens

Under the provincial COVID-19 Emergency Order, only gardens with the capacity to follow specific requirements are permitted to operate. The LG&L District Health Unit has prepared these safe operating requirements for local municipalities and community organizations. In addition, rules and guidelines for community gardeners have been developed and should be followed by all users.

Last updated: 2021-04-17


Bramble Lea Farm

840 County Road 42 East Athens ON K0E 1B0 Phone: 613-803-0832 Website: Bramble Lea Farm


Planted with care & picked at just the right time, our vegetables are never treated with synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. We use the same methods as certified organic farmers – and in three years, we’ll be certified, too.

Whether you buy our vegetables at the farmer’s market, at our farm gate or through our CSA, you can be sure that they’ve been out of the field for hours – not days. Because we pick, wash, and package our vegetables by hand, we minimize the damage done to leaves and skins that shortens shelf-life and ruins flavour.

Our customers can buy a membership in our market-style CSA. Like a traditional CSA, your purchase of a membership provides us with the start-up capital we need to put seeds in the ground, diesel in our tractor, and boots on our feet at the beginning of each season. Unlike a traditional CSA, we’re not the ones who decide what vegetables you get – you are.

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840 County Road 42 East Athens ON K0E 1B0