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Transition Brockville holds free public presentations in partnership with the Brockville Public Library. These are typically held on the 4th Sunday of the month, starting at 2:00 pm in the Buell St. Room of the library at 23 Buell Street. The usual format is a few minutes of TB news and updates, a guest presentation of about 45 minutes, and then questions and answers in the remaining time. (No, inclusion in this series does not indicate Transition Brockville’s endorsement.)

All are welcome!

Is there a sustainability topic you would like us to explore? Let us know here.


Cancelled as a precautionary measure



January: Workshop: Make Your Own Laundry Soap redux, host Virginia Glover


November: Emergency Preparedness for Rural Residents
October: Workshop: Make Your Own Laundry Soap, host Virgina Glover
October: All-Candidates Debate on the Environment
September: Culture Days booth in the King Street West Arts District
July: Frank Ahern: A Look at All-Electric, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Cars
June: Michelle Dunford: Living a “Zero Waste” Lifestyle
May: Green Drinks: Kings Lock Craft Distillery, Johnstown and Upper Canada Creamery
April: David Bohn, BBL Energy: A Local Solution to Plastic Waste
March: Andrew Melchers, IN Engineering: Carbon Emissions in the Construction Industry
February: Open discussion: Life Hacks – Reducing your carbon footprint, maximizing your carbon rebate


September: Feature documentary Beyond Crisis* and discussion
June: Workshop: Food foraging
April: Erik Lefebvre, Waste Management Brockville: Recycling and the Impact of Chinese Market Closure
March: Mary Ann Van Berlo, master gardener: Improving Your Garden Soil
February: Feature documentary Symphony of the Soil
January: Group meet-up and project discussion

*Courtesy of Citizens Climate Lobby


October: Feature documentary Call of the Forest with Diana Beresford-Kroeger
September: Culture Days booth on King Street West
May: Donna White, Green Things Garden Centre: Teaching Gardening to Children
April: Christine Stesky, TB Steering Committee: Voluntary Simplicity
March: Seedy Saturday 2017
February: Dr. Ellie Bennett, International Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities
January: Feature documentary Before the Flood


November: Annual General Meeting: TB Year in Review
October: Lois Dewey, Healthy Communities Partnership: Nature 4 Life!
September: Bluegrass Farm: Sustainable farming
August: Butler’s Creek Community Garden Tasty Tour
July: Lyndsay Price, City of Brockville: Talking Trash
June: Kristina Hubert, Constable Mark Heffernan: Brockville Community Hub
May: Feature documentary This Changes Everything*
April: Peter and Annette Kaldeway: Living Off the Grid
March: Dr. Paula Stewart, Medical Officer of Health: Implementing the Healthy Communities Vision
February: Fire Chief Ghislain Pigeon: Local Emergency Preparedness
January: Agata Bedynski, Earthship Ottawa: Earthship 101

*In memoriam Jim Riesberry. DVD has been donated by the Riesberry family to Brockville Public Library for circulation.


November: Dr. Adrien Djomo, Queen’s University: The Impact of Global Warming on the Biosphere
October: Max Broojerd, Green Terra Homes: Tiny Homes
September: Harvest potluck dinner and annual review
August: Open House at permaculture-based Miku Valley Farm
July: Launch of TB Sustainability Library at Leeds County Books
June: Bruce Enloe, General Manager, Two Rivers Food Hub [ PDF ]
May: Kurt Liebe, Ferme Miku Valley Farm: Introduction to Permaculture
April: David Hahn, Wintergreen Renewable Energy Co-op: Investing in Local Renewables
March: Neil Kudrinko, Kudrinko’s Ltd: Greening Your Local Grocer
February: Bob Thomson, Degrowth Canada: Degrowth – Heresy in the Church of Growth
January: Hugh Campbell, Transition Brockville: Growth – A Reality Check


November: Alan Medcalf: Towards a More Active Community – Brock Trail and Brockville Cycling Network
October: Chris Wood, City of Brockville: Waste management and recycling
September: Harvest potluck dinner
August: Brockville Veggie Garden Tour
July: Sean Watt, Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority: Regional flood risks
June: Shelley McCaffrey, Leeds-Grenville Mental Health: Social enterprises
May: Feature documentary Dirt! The Movie plus organic market gardener Dave Alguire for soils Q&A
April: Phil Chadwick, meteorologist/painter: Effects of global warming on our local weather
March: Diana Beresford-Kroeger, local botanist/author: The Sweetness of a Simple Life
February: Carol Williams: Workshop on Inner Transition
January: Tim Webb, BCAC: Active Transportation and the Emergence of E-Bikes


November: Chris and Bob Stesky: Solar PV and net metering (w/o FIT/microFIT)
October: Emily Conger, Algonquin to Adirondacks Collaborative: Enbridge’s Proposed Line 9 Reversal*
September: Harvest potluck dinner
August: Kevin McLaughlin, AutoShare: Carshare services
June: Erik Andrus, Vermont Sail Freight Project: Inland Merchant Sailing
May: Feature documentary Edible City: Grow the Revolution
April: Geophysicist Dr. Christian Haas and Arctic ice pilot John Cowan: The State of Arctic Sea Ice
March: Cate Henderson, Heirloom Seed Sanctuary, Kingston: Saving Seeds for Sustainability
February: Lesley White, City of Brockville: Sustainability and the City
January: Muffy Koch, BRREA: Burritts Rapids Community Hydro Project

*Co-sponsored by TB, the A2A, and the Council of Canadians, Brockville chapter


November: Podcast What Scientists Aren’t Telling You About Climate Catastrophe
October: John Beckstead, JS Design and Sales: Lighting efficiency and retrofits
September: Climate Change and its Local Impacts: Update and Discussion
July: Feature documentary In Transition 2.0
June: Russ Christianson, Rhythm Communications: Co-operative solutions for trying economic times*
May: Chris Weissflog, EcoGen Energy Inc.: Changes to the MicroFIT/FIT program
April: John Wright, Northland Power: Marmora Pumped Storage Project
March: Short documentary Passive Passion; Malcolm Isaacs, CanPHI (via Skype)
February: Workshop: Contraptions, Gizmos, Gadgets and Tools
January: Feature documentary Growth Busters: Hooked on Growth

*Sponsored by 1000 Islands Region Workforce Development Board


November: Hon. Stéphane Dion, MP
October: Introducing: Transition Brockville
September: Feature documentary Powerful: Energy for Everyone
August: Hugh Campbell: Starting a veggie garden – Open garden
July: Anna Brisco, Brockville Living Cities: Urban Agriculture
June: Fire Chief Harry Jones: Preparing for Extended Emergencies
May: Darin Cosgrove: Fuel efficient driving
April: Alan Medcalf, Brockville Cycles: Cycling to a Healthier Brockville
March: Hugh Campbell: Frugal Living for Households
February: Thomas F. Pawlick, author of The War in the Country and The End of Food
January: Peter Breedyk: Our MicroFIT Solar PV Project, from Start to Finish


November: Cam Mather: The Eco-nomic Approach to Renewable Energy
October: David Keenleyside, TD Canada Trust: Financing Residential Renewable Energy Installations
September: AGM and Harvest potluck dinner
August: Blake Poland, Transition Oakville: The Transition Movement
July: Bob Sneyd, Centre for Sustainable Watersheds: Reduce Your Water Footprint
June: Feature documentary The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
May: Diana Beresford-Kroeger, botanist/author: Signing of The Global Forest
April: Nicole Foss, The Automatic Earth: The Economy Trumps Peak Oil and Climate Change
March: Feature documentary In Transition: From oil dependence to local resilience
January: Jennifer Kiwala, SWITCH: Ontario’s FIT and microFIT programs


November: Don Young, Dean Applied Science, SLC: Careers in Emerging Technologies
October: Charles Forman, Switchgreen Inc.: Switchgrass-based pellet production
September: Wendy Banks, Wendy’s Mobile Market: Local food markets and distribution
September: Ted Hsu, SWITCH: Policy options: Carbon tax, offsets, cap-and-trade
August: Paul Lowe, ReDriven Power Inc: 2 – 20 kw wind turbines
July: Feature documentary HOME
June: Chris Weissflog, EcoGen Energy: Solar water heating
May: Allan Hamilton, Norterra Organics: High-grade, high-volume composting
April: Lynne Leblanc, Atel Air: Air and ground source heat pumps (geothermal)
March: Joanne Adair, WWF-Canada: THE GOOD LIFE carbon calculator
February: Dave Alguire, organic market gardener: Starting an Urban Vegetable Garden
January: Brad Leonard, Renewable Energy of Plum Hollow: Wood/pellet stoves


November: Mike Jordan, Upper Canada Solar Generation: Solar power generation
October: Dan Brunet, AmeriSpec Cornwall: Energy audits and the ecoEnergy program
September: Jerry Heath, Local Flavours / Frontenac Arch Biosphere Network
August: Open discussion
July: Feature documentary Crude Awakening
June: Chris Bellemore, St. Lawrence Islands National Park: Species at Risk
May: Shelley Gallagher, parent and EcoTeam member, EcoSchools and the UCDSB
April: Wayne Grady, author of The Great Lakes: The Natural History of a Changing Region
March: Peter Breedyk, project lead: BCAG Powerpoint presentation
February: Don Ross, Frontenac Arch Biosphere Network
January: Maureen Pascoe-Merkley, Director of Planning, City of Brockville


November: Danielle Schami, Al Gore’s Climate Project
October: Steve Walker, Hearthmakers: Energy efficiency and the ecoEnergy program
September: Open discussion
August: David Morgan, Director, Parks & Recreation, City of Brockville
July: Feature documentary The End of Suburbia
June: Mike Nickerson, author: An open discussion about our changing times
May: Alfred Von Mirbach, ecoPerth: Organizing for local action
April: Hon. Gord Brown, MP: Launch of BCAG website
March: Inaugural meeting of the Brockville Climate Action Group (BCAG)

Last updated: 2021-03-20

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