Public Presentations

Transition Brockville held free public presentations in partnership with the Brockville Public Library. These were typically held on the 4th Sunday of the month, starting at 2:00 pm in the Buell St. Room of the library at 23 Buell Street. The usual format was a few minutes of TB news and updates, a guest presentation of about 45 minutes, and then questions and answers in the remaining time. (No, inclusion in this series does not indicate Transition Brockville’s endorsement.)



January: Workshop: Make Your Own Laundry Soap redux, host Virginia Glover


November: Emergency Preparedness for Rural Residents
October: Workshop: Make Your Own Laundry Soap, host Virgina Glover
October: All-Candidates Debate on the Environment
September: Culture Days booth in the King Street West Arts District
July: Frank Ahern: A Look at All-Electric, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Cars
June: Michelle Dunford: Living a “Zero Waste” Lifestyle
May: Green Drinks: Kings Lock Craft Distillery, Johnstown and Upper Canada Creamery
April: David Bohn, BBL Energy: A Local Solution to Plastic Waste
March: Andrew Melchers, IN Engineering: Carbon Emissions in the Construction Industry
February: Open discussion: Life Hacks – Reducing your carbon footprint, maximizing your carbon rebate


September: Feature documentary Beyond Crisis* and discussion
June: Workshop: Food foraging
April: Erik Lefebvre, Waste Management Brockville: Recycling and the Impact of Chinese Market Closure
March: Mary Ann Van Berlo, master gardener: Improving Your Garden Soil
February: Feature documentary Symphony of the Soil
January: Group meet-up and project discussion

*Courtesy of Citizens Climate Lobby


October: Feature documentary Call of the Forest with Diana Beresford-Kroeger
September: Culture Days booth on King Street West
May: Donna White, Green Things Garden Centre: Teaching Gardening to Children
April: Christine Stesky, TB Steering Committee: Voluntary Simplicity
March: Seedy Saturday 2017
February: Dr. Ellie Bennett, International Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities
January: Feature documentary Before the Flood


November: Annual General Meeting: TB Year in Review
October: Lois Dewey, Healthy Communities Partnership: Nature 4 Life!
September: Bluegrass Farm: Sustainable farming
August: Butler’s Creek Community Garden Tasty Tour
July: Lyndsay Price, City of Brockville: Talking Trash
June: Kristina Hubert, Constable Mark Heffernan: Brockville Community Hub
May: Feature documentary This Changes Everything*
April: Peter and Annette Kaldeway: Living Off the Grid
March: Dr. Paula Stewart, Medical Officer of Health: Implementing the Healthy Communities Vision
February: Fire Chief Ghislain Pigeon: Local Emergency Preparedness
January: Agata Bedynski, Earthship Ottawa: Earthship 101

*In memoriam Jim Riesberry. DVD has been donated by the Riesberry family to Brockville Public Library for circulation.


November: Dr. Adrien Djomo, Queen’s University: The Impact of Global Warming on the Biosphere
October: Max Broojerd, Green Terra Homes: Tiny Homes
September: Harvest potluck dinner and annual review
August: Open House at permaculture-based Miku Valley Farm
July: Launch of TB Sustainability Library at Leeds County Books
June: Bruce Enloe, General Manager, Two Rivers Food Hub [ PDF ]
May: Kurt Liebe, Ferme Miku Valley Farm: Introduction to Permaculture
April: David Hahn, Wintergreen Renewable Energy Co-op: Investing in Local Renewables
March: Neil Kudrinko, Kudrinko’s Ltd: Greening Your Local Grocer
February: Bob Thomson, Degrowth Canada: Degrowth – Heresy in the Church of Growth
January: Hugh Campbell, Transition Brockville: Growth – A Reality Check


November: Alan Medcalf: Towards a More Active Community – Brock Trail and Brockville Cycling Network
October: Chris Wood, City of Brockville: Waste management and recycling
September: Harvest potluck dinner
August: Brockville Veggie Garden Tour
July: Sean Watt, Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority: Regional flood risks
June: Shelley McCaffrey, Leeds-Grenville Mental Health: Social enterprises
May: Feature documentary Dirt! The Movie plus organic market gardener Dave Alguire for soils Q&A
April: Phil Chadwick, meteorologist/painter: Effects of global warming on our local weather
March: Diana Beresford-Kroeger, local botanist/author: The Sweetness of a Simple Life
February: Carol Williams: Workshop on Inner Transition
January: Tim Webb, BCAC: Active Transportation and the Emergence of E-Bikes


November: Chris and Bob Stesky: Solar PV and net metering (w/o FIT/microFIT)
October: Emily Conger, Algonquin to Adirondacks Collaborative: Enbridge’s Proposed Line 9 Reversal*
September: Harvest potluck dinner
August: Kevin McLaughlin, AutoShare: Carshare services
June: Erik Andrus, Vermont Sail Freight Project: Inland Merchant Sailing
May: Feature documentary Edible City: Grow the Revolution
April: Geophysicist Dr. Christian Haas and Arctic ice pilot John Cowan: The State of Arctic Sea Ice
March: Cate Henderson, Heirloom Seed Sanctuary, Kingston: Saving Seeds for Sustainability
February: Lesley White, City of Brockville: Sustainability and the City
January: Muffy Koch, BRREA: Burritts Rapids Community Hydro Project

*Co-sponsored by TB, the A2A, and the Council of Canadians, Brockville chapter


November: Podcast What Scientists Aren’t Telling You About Climate Catastrophe
October: John Beckstead, JS Design and Sales: Lighting efficiency and retrofits
September: Climate Change and its Local Impacts: Update and Discussion
July: Feature documentary In Transition 2.0
June: Russ Christianson, Rhythm Communications: Co-operative solutions for trying economic times*
May: Chris Weissflog, EcoGen Energy Inc.: Changes to the MicroFIT/FIT program
April: John Wright, Northland Power: Marmora Pumped Storage Project
March: Short documentary Passive Passion; Malcolm Isaacs, CanPHI (via Skype)
February: Workshop: Contraptions, Gizmos, Gadgets and Tools
January: Feature documentary Growth Busters: Hooked on Growth

*Sponsored by 1000 Islands Region Workforce Development Board


November: Hon. Stéphane Dion, MP
October: Introducing: Transition Brockville
September: Feature documentary Powerful: Energy for Everyone
August: Hugh Campbell: Starting a veggie garden – Open garden
July: Anna Brisco, Brockville Living Cities: Urban Agriculture
June: Fire Chief Harry Jones: Preparing for Extended Emergencies
May: Darin Cosgrove: Fuel efficient driving
April: Alan Medcalf, Brockville Cycles: Cycling to a Healthier Brockville
March: Hugh Campbell: Frugal Living for Households
February: Thomas F. Pawlick, author of The War in the Country and The End of Food
January: Peter Breedyk: Our MicroFIT Solar PV Project, from Start to Finish


November: Cam Mather: The Eco-nomic Approach to Renewable Energy
October: David Keenleyside, TD Canada Trust: Financing Residential Renewable Energy Installations
September: AGM and Harvest potluck dinner
August: Blake Poland, Transition Oakville: The Transition Movement
July: Bob Sneyd, Centre for Sustainable Watersheds: Reduce Your Water Footprint
June: Feature documentary The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
May: Diana Beresford-Kroeger, botanist/author: Signing of The Global Forest
April: Nicole Foss, The Automatic Earth: The Economy Trumps Peak Oil and Climate Change
March: Feature documentary In Transition: From oil dependence to local resilience
January: Jennifer Kiwala, SWITCH: Ontario’s FIT and microFIT programs


November: Don Young, Dean Applied Science, SLC: Careers in Emerging Technologies
October: Charles Forman, Switchgreen Inc.: Switchgrass-based pellet production
September: Wendy Banks, Wendy’s Mobile Market: Local food markets and distribution
September: Ted Hsu, SWITCH: Policy options: Carbon tax, offsets, cap-and-trade
August: Paul Lowe, ReDriven Power Inc: 2 – 20 kw wind turbines
July: Feature documentary HOME
June: Chris Weissflog, EcoGen Energy: Solar water heating
May: Allan Hamilton, Norterra Organics: High-grade, high-volume composting
April: Lynne Leblanc, Atel Air: Air and ground source heat pumps (geothermal)
March: Joanne Adair, WWF-Canada: THE GOOD LIFE carbon calculator
February: Dave Alguire, organic market gardener: Starting an Urban Vegetable Garden
January: Brad Leonard, Renewable Energy of Plum Hollow: Wood/pellet stoves


November: Mike Jordan, Upper Canada Solar Generation: Solar power generation
October: Dan Brunet, AmeriSpec Cornwall: Energy audits and the ecoEnergy program
September: Jerry Heath, Local Flavours / Frontenac Arch Biosphere Network
August: Open discussion
July: Feature documentary Crude Awakening
June: Chris Bellemore, St. Lawrence Islands National Park: Species at Risk
May: Shelley Gallagher, parent and EcoTeam member, EcoSchools and the UCDSB
April: Wayne Grady, author of The Great Lakes: The Natural History of a Changing Region
March: Peter Breedyk, project lead: BCAG Powerpoint presentation
February: Don Ross, Frontenac Arch Biosphere Network
January: Maureen Pascoe-Merkley, Director of Planning, City of Brockville


November: Danielle Schami, Al Gore’s Climate Project
October: Steve Walker, Hearthmakers: Energy efficiency and the ecoEnergy program
September: Open discussion
August: David Morgan, Director, Parks & Recreation, City of Brockville
July: Feature documentary The End of Suburbia
June: Mike Nickerson, author: An open discussion about our changing times
May: Alfred Von Mirbach, ecoPerth: Organizing for local action
April: Hon. Gord Brown, MP: Launch of BCAG website
March: Inaugural meeting of the Brockville Climate Action Group (BCAG)

Last updated: 2021-11-23