Welcome to “Sustainable Shift”

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Published on: January 20, 2020

Transition Brockville / 20 January 2020

As we begin our new decade in 2020, Transition Brockville will be highlighting local and area businesses that make a serious effort to be environmentally responsible and work toward sustainability. As we learn of these businesses, we will interview them and, in our monthly Sustainable Shift series, we’ll give our readers a brief look at the ways they are trying to be sustainable.

At a more formal level, businesses in Leeds-Grenville are now included in Sustainable Kingston’s sustainably.eco program which connects people who care to businesses that are making a measurable difference in sustainability. Through its website, people can use their purchasing power to support organizations that care.

Businesses that are committed to measurable sustainability can apply to join the program by emailing admin@sustainably.eco with their information. Sustainably.eco will take it from there.

Businesses can apply for and be awarded badges upon fulfilling certain requirements. Badges have been developed with great care by the sustainably.eco team and comply with the mission, codes of good practice, and credibility principles of the International Social and Environmental Accreditation and Labelling Alliance (www.isealalliance.org).

Badges are given in 12 areas: Climate Action; Locally Sourced; Vegan; Organic; Sustainable Transportation; Reusable Friendly; Living Wage; Community; Food Recovery; Green Economy Leader; Cruelty Free; Recycling.

Transition Brockville first learned of sustainably.eco when former steering committee member Michael Wiggin attended a sustainability conference in Kingston in late 2018. At the time we explored the possibility of joining with Sustainable Kingston to identify sustainable businesses in Brockville and area. Since then, sustainably.eco has expanded its territory to include Leeds-Grenville. For more information, visit www.sustainably.eco.