Sustainable Shift: Ignite Printing

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Published on: January 20, 2020

Transition Brockville / 20 January 2020

Owners Tim and Jennifer Winter started their printing business in 2015 from their home, then moved to Perth Street, and a year and a half ago moved to the Towne Centre Plaza on Ormond Street, in the former UPS store. They asked that anything not taken by the former occupant be left so they could re-use as much as possible.

They kept the UPS countertops. Tim, “a huge recycler,” according to Jenn, used wood from UPS shelving to build a large work table, and repaired a paper folder. To furnish the office (desks, cabinets, chairs) they went to Habitat for Humanity and other used furnishing places, and found sources of used office supplies.

Ignite prints business cards, brochures and vinyl banners for small to medium businesses. They reduce a customer’s cost to replace pull-up banners by saving and reusing the banner base. This gives the bases new life and keeps them from going to the landfill. The old banners themselves could be recycled, Jenn said. Small leftover pieces of vinyl go to a local woman who uses them to decorate mugs and signs. The Winters prefer working with local businesses.

The company uses recyclable paper on its large image press, and that includes any glossy paper they use.

Sustainable aspects of business: Focus on repair, re-use, recycling, repurposing, both in setting up their operation and in serving customers.

Ignite Printing
163 Ormond Street, Brockville

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