Trudeau government ‘dangerously misled’ on pipeline benefits

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Published on: October 15, 2016

DesmogCanada / Carol Linnitt / 07 October 2016

justin-trudeau-jim-carr-kinder-morgan-pipelineEconomist Robyn Allan has a penchant for details. The former president and CEO of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia also sees the benefits of informed decision-making, which is why Allan recently wrote a myth-busting letter to federal minister of natural resources, Jim Carr, on the issue of oil pipelines.

The minister, Allan said, had been “dangerously misled” by senior ministerial staff about the economic benefits of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline project. An internal document provided to Minister Carr, and subsequently released through Freedom of Information legislation, was “riddled with factual and analytical mistakes and displays a lack of attention to detail” Allan wrote in her letter.

Among her findings, Allan stated the minister had been misinformed about the need for increased oil pipeline capacity in Canada especially when considering Canada’s pipelines — despite claims to the contrary — are not operating at full capacity and market conditions have substantially altered the oil production landscape in recent years (see Allan’s evidence in the full letter below).

With the federal decision on Kinder Morgan expected to come down by December and the recent (rather spectacular) collapse of public trust in the National Energy Board, pipeline politics are heating up in Canada.

DeSmog Canada asked Allan five questions about her take on Canada’s pipeline debate and the quandary of the Kinder Morgan pipeline.