Gap looms in Ontario’s fight against climate change

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Published on: August 4, 2015

Environmental Commissioner of Ontario / 07 July 2015

Feeling the HeatOntario’s acting Environmental Commissioner Ellen Schwartzel offered some praise for the provincial government, but also a warning the government will find it difficult to meet its next target for combatting climate change.

On the eve of the Climate Summit of the Americas, Schwartzel praised Ontario’s ambitious targets for reducing emissions, noting they are in line with those adopted by leading jurisdictions. “Now it has to do the hard part and deliver on its commitment.”

The acting Environmental Commissioner today released “Feeling the Heat: 2015 Annual Greenhouse Gas Progress Report”, the latest in the Commissioner’s annual reports on the issue. The 2015 report points out that the government will miss its 2020 target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions if it doesn’t expand and act on its policies.