Joint statement on AGW from the Premiers of Ontario and Québec

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Published on: April 25, 2015

Government of Ontario / 24 April 2015

Last week, in front of international leaders and experts, including Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, we were present at the Québec Summit on Climate Change, where the vast majority of Canadian provinces and territories were represented. Eleven premiers, representing over 85 per cent of the Canadian population, made a joint declaration stating that, “carbon pricing is an approach that is being taken by an increasing number of governments” and that “investing in the fight against climate change, especially in areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, and cleaner energy production, holds great promise for sustainable economic development and long-term job creation.”

Clearly, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s statement yesterday that emission reduction plans are ‘designed to enrich governments,’ does not reflect the declaration made at the Québec Summit.