Should climate change stop us from having babies?

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Published on: April 11, 2015

VICE / Eric Holthaus / 05 March 2015

should-climate-change-stop-us-from-having-babiesIn the last few weeks alone, Boston has been buried under record amounts of snow, an endless winter hell that’s been linked to warmer-than-normal water temperatures in the Gulf Stream. Meanwhile, California is shriveling up, amid predictions of imminent mega-droughts across the western US. It’s hard to predict how climate change will affect us next, but clearly it won’t be good. Already, scientists are telling us to say goodbye to Miami and Manhattan, not to mention chocolate, coffee, and beer.

Increasingly, and understandably, these existential climate change crises have put a lot of us on edge, raising big, scary questions about the fate of humanity in the 21st century. That so many have opted for willful ignorance almost makes sense. For those who live in the real—and warming—world, though, the fact that the earth’s atmosphere will undergo some pretty fundamental changes in the next generation can raise second thoughts about the idea of procreation.