Achieving our climate goals while lowering our energy bills

Categories: Big picture
Published on: March 26, 2015

Ontario Clean Air Alliance Research / 26 March 2015

ON electricity cost comparisonsThe Government of Ontario is planning to implement a system of carbon pricing to help it achieve its greenhouse gas emission (GHG) emission reduction goals.

While there is widespread public support for actions to reduce GHG emissions, there is also concern that these actions could raise our energy bills and make Ontario’s industries less competitive.

For example, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce states that:

While the OCC supports efforts to lower greenhouse gas emissions, we are wary of any policy or regulatory change that would impose undue costs on Ontario businesses or hurt job creation, especially when the cost of business in the province is slated to rise as a result of the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan and soaring electricity rates.

The good news is that Ontario can achieve its 2020 GHG reduction goal, make significant progress toward achieving its 2050 goal and reduce the energy bills of its residential, commercial and industrial consumers by reducing its energy waste and importing low-cost water power from the Province of Quebec.