Two Rivers Food Hub bringing local farmers, grocers together

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Published on: March 21, 2015

Inside Ottawa Valley / Jennifer Westendorp / 20 March 2015

Two_Rivers Food HubFinding locally produced food can be a challenge, so can finding a market for it.

Local farmers, grocers and restaurant owners alike may not be faced with such challenges in the near future.

The Two Rivers Food Hub, based in Smiths Falls, is working towards creating a symbiotic relationship between farmers, grocers and restaurant owners.

“The way it works is if a grocery store needs 1,000 heads of lettuce, but farmer ‘A’ only has 100 heads, then we get another 300 heads from farmer ‘B’ and 600 heads from farmer ‘C’, to fill the order,” explained Matt Brearley, general manager at Two Rivers Food Hub.