The grass fed difference at Earth’s Harvest Farm

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Published on: March 21, 2015

Kemptville Advance / Jennifer Westendorp / 27 February 2015

Farmers SwaleLuke and Liza believe in sustainability and not leaving a carbon footprint behind for their kids to clean up. “Animals should be able to live the way they were supposed to live,” said Luke. He said when he first got the cows, they wouldn’t come to him, but now they come running when he calls. “It’s about treating animals with respect and taking care of them properly,” said Luke.

They said being first generation farmers is a tough road to take, but an important one, considering the current state of farming worldwide and the general lack of ethics behind food production in general. “We want to produce, but we also want to teach,” said Liza. “There are more ethical ways to farm. This is the world we leave behind for our kids and it has to be sustainable.”

Earth’s Harvest Farm is located at 991 County Road 18, which is the first property on the right hand side after Macfarlane Road, just outside of Oxford Mills. For more information, or to pre-order, call (613)-258-8946, or visit