Keeping Local Communities Alive

Categories: How To
Published on: February 28, 2014

Humanity’s Test / R. Boyd / 29 January 2014

As we travel through the economic and social impacts of increasingly expensive energy, food and basic resources, as well as the impact of client change it will become more and more important to keep local money within the local economy, rather than having it sucked up and centralized by huge conglomerates for the purpose of enriching the already wealthy and powerful. Over time the ability of large corporations to operate across wide geographic areas will become more and more difficult, but by the time they release their death-grip upon local communities there may be nothing left to build upon. With our everyday decisions we must remember that the health of our local community is not free, and if we do not help to sustain and grow it there may be no local community left worth saving when we will need it most.


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