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Visualizing The Edible City in 3 Minutes

American Association of Landscape Architects

Urban Homesteading: Heirloom Skills For Sustainable Living

Mother Earth News / Rachel Kaplan / 25 September 2012

This is a David and Goliath story — backyard gardens competing with Monsanto’s patents on the gene pool, rain barrels and greywater versus the worldwide privatization of natural resources, bicycles against the power of Big Oil. Garden by garden, block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood, each partial effort is a step in the right direction, our participation in the human immunological response to our diseased world. Will it work? The outcome is uncertain. Is it worth trying? Without a doubt.


9 Tips for Growing Container Trees

Urban Farm Online / Frank Hyman

Just because your yard isn’t big enough to plant a sapling that will grow into a majestic tree (or you have no yard at all!), doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fruits trees have to offer. Consider planting a tree in a container, and perhaps, keep it indoors if it doesn’t need full sun. If you choose dwarf tree varieties, your tree can stay a manageable size.

I grow several dwarf tropical fruit trees, a coffee tree, an Italian stone pine and a ceiling-sweeping Benjamin ficus tree all in containers. The coffee tree lives on the porch in summer while the tropical fruit trees are out in the garden. They all come inside for the worst of the winter months. The ficus stays indoors year-round, and the stone pine stays outoors at all times.

Here are nine tips I’ve acquired over the years to help beginning tree farmers grow happy plants of any size in containers, whether indoors or out.


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The Transition Framework

Transition initiatives share many of the same goals as other groups, and works collaboratively with a variety of organizations in their local areas. Transition differs in that it focuses specifically on preparing communities for the changes associated with unprecedented resource depletion and transitioning away from fossil-fuel dependency.

— Transition U.S.
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