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Mark your calendar: 6th Annual Seedy Saturday, March 7

Transition Brockville / 31 January 2020

Welcome to “Sustainable Shift”

Transition Brockville / 20 January 2020

As we begin our new decade in 2020, Transition Brockville will be highlighting local and area businesses that make a serious effort to be environmentally responsible and work toward sustainability. As we learn of these businesses, we will interview them and, in our monthly Sustainable Shift series, we’ll give our readers a brief look at the ways they are trying to be sustainable.

At a more formal level, businesses in Leeds-Grenville are now included in Sustainable Kingston’s program which connects people who care to businesses that are making a measurable difference in sustainability. Through its website, people can use their purchasing power to support organizations that care.

Businesses that are committed to measurable sustainability can apply to join the program by emailing with their information. will take it from there.

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CCVS helps plant trees outside Cornwall Public Library

Cornwall Newswatch / 25 September 2019

On this National Tree Day, a group of students from Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School (CCVS) planted trees outside the Cornwall Public Library.

The project is a partnership between the high school and the Tree Action Working Group of Transition Cornwall+ with supervision from the City of Cornwall’s parks department.

The 14 students from grades 7-12 are part of the school’s Tiny Forest initiative. They planted six trees – four sumac and two crab apples – along the east side of the building next to Sydney Street, north of Second Street East.


Transition US awards ceremony honors movement leaders

Transition US / Don Hall / 07 November 2018

As part of “Unleashing the Collective Genius: Celebrating 10 Years of Transition in the US!” the first national online summit hosted by Transition US on October 27, 2018, members of the Transition US Collaborative Design Council presented seven awards to 10 individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to community resilience-building efforts here in the US over the past decade.

The winners of six of these awards (the Community Impact Award, Grassroots Leadership Award, Building Bridges to Justice Award, Walking the Talk Award, Municipality in Transition Award, and the Transition Ally Award) were nominated by the general public.


The issues we face as grass roots Movements for Change

Transition Network / Naresh Giangrande / 22 October 2018

From my time working with Transition groups all around the world, I have seen these issues present in just about every Transition group. They lead me to ask whether we are working in the right way, or whether we are asking the right questions, or working in a way that will ultimately produce change, or whether the structure of the Industrial Growth System somehow prevents fundamental systemic change. Here are some of the main stumbling blocks.


What is a town in transition?

Transition Town Peterborough / Newsletter / October 2018

It’s a community transitioning from an economy ruled and determined only by The Market and its drive for endless growth toward one that lives from its own inner resilience, more and more reliant on local production and consumption of life essentials.

It’s a way of thinking, away from destruction of community life and the natural world it depends on. It’s a move from self-centred individualism to a humanness once more living within Nature and her limits.

Transition Towns are in the forefront of those preparing for the changes ahead. Transitioners understand that the climate-changed future is hugely unpredictable and unstable. They feel keenly the dilemma of our daily life dependence on a dominant economic system that is threatening that very life with its insistence on unending material consumption and use of fossil fuels.

Transitioners see Authority coming not from wealth, social position and politics power but emerging from the insight, creativity, and practicality found in a “sense of the whole community” as it reconnects living with and in Nature’s ways and laws.

A town in Transition is hopeful. Not with a naive optimism about a super techno-future but with a clear-eyed, honest look at present reality, and preservation of an essential, life-giving contact with Nature and her lessons.

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The Transition Framework

Inner Transition is occasionally overlooked in favour of more immediately ‘practical’ undertakings, reinforcing an observed and acknowledged division in many Transition Initiatives between “doers” and “talkers”, but for Transition Initiatives looking to foster a kind of community resilience that is equitable, inclusive, nimble, responsive, caring, and cohesive, Inner Transition efforts are a necessary place to start.

— Anne Rucchetto, Blake Poland
TB Projects

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