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Sustainable Communities: Creating a Durable Local Economy

Sustainable CommunitiesWhat is a durable economy? It is one that not only survives but thrives. How is it created, and what does it take to sustain over time? Sustainable Communities provides insight and answers to these questions.

Citing Burlington, Vermont’s remarkable rise to award-winning status, this book explores the balance of community planning, social enterprise development, energy and environment, food systems and cultural well-being. Aimed at policymakers, development practitioners, students, and citizens, this book describes which and how multiple influences facilitate the creation of a local, durable and truly sustainable economy. The authors hope to inspire others by sharing this story of what can be done in the name of community economic development.

Ottawa: Effort to green downtown gets big boost

Ottawa Citizen / David Reevely / 23 April 2014

Electric car-charging stations and plugging private buildings into the federal government’s central heating plant are the key projects for a small but increasingly well-funded effort to make downtown Ottawa the country’s first “eco-district,” its executive director said Tuesday.

Don Grant was still aglow from an announcement by the provincial government’s Trillium Foundation that it’ll give the eco-district effort $199,600 over the next three years. MPPs Yasir Naqvi and Bob Chiarelli praised it lavishly in presenting the money in a little do at Hub Ottawa’s hip “collaborative workspace” on Bank Street for freelancers of all kinds who want a place to work downtown, with other people. The elevator often doesn’t work but the Wi-Fi does.

Hub Ottawa’s symbolic of a trend the eco-district people want to ride. Downtown offices built for the federal government have been clearing out at the same time as rising energy costs are making them more expensive to operate. Reliable big-money tenants are harder to find and those who remain are more demanding than Public Works has historically been.


Nipun Mehta – Designing For Generosity

TEDxBerkeley / 26 February 2012

Nipun Mehta is the founder of ServiceSpace (formerly Charity Focus), an incubator of projects that works at the intersection of volunteerism, technology and gift-economy. What started as an experiment with four friends in the Silicon Valley has now grown to an global ecosystem of over 350,000 members that has delivered millions of dollars in service for free.


E-Waste partnership a huge success

Perth Courier / 20 March 2014

In the first four months of the Youth Action Kommittee’s (YAK) e-waste recycling program, 30,233 pounds of electronics were diverted from local landfills.

The program has recycled 18,031 pounds of televisions, 3624 pounds of computers and 8578 pounds of other electronic items. The total weight of electronics collected is the same weight of approximately 30 big hairy yaks! As a bonus for local youth, the Ontario Electronics Stewardship pays its recycling partners based on the weight of electronics collected. This means that YAK has raised over $3,000 in the first four months of the program. Funds raised will be used to offset the centre’s programs for youth.


HUB Ottawa

workshop295Individuals and organizations join HUB Ottawa because of the inspiring work environment, diverse community, and the focus on collaboration, peer learning, and member engagement. As a part of the Global HUB Network, HUB Ottawa members have immediate access to a vibrant global community and a brain trust of over 9000 individuals leading social innovation around the world.

We believe the future of learning, knowledge creation, and innovation is through collaboration. We are the only space in Ottawa that connects talent, knowledge, ideas, best practices and opportunities across 300+ members in sectors and industries that are making positive change. Our members are social entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, designers, freelancers, corporate intrapreneurs, public servants, nonprofits, technologists, and more.

By becoming a HUB member, you become part of the community. You can work out of here, attend unique events, run your own meet-up or workshop, access great talent, plug into innovative initiatives, connect with experts, kick-start projects, find partnerships and build networks, access an online global collaboration platform, and meet innovators and entrepreneurs bettering the world.


Mapathoners put social enterprises on the map

Ottawa Citizen / Megan DeLaire / 26 March 2014

Hub Ottawa on Bank Street provides shared workspaces, meeting rooms and networking services to 300 paying members, many of which are local social change enterprises.

“For the most part these organizations are working on businesses to improve social or environmental conditions,” said Jesse Cressman-Dickinson, Hub Ottawa’s community catalyst.

“We’re excited to be able to bring together members of the Ottawa community who can really speak to what’s happening in this city, and get it on a map that will then be featured as part of the province’s map of social good.”

Dan Monafu works for the federal government by day, and runs an initiative called Soup Ottawa by night. He uses Hub’s services to organize crowdfunding events that raise money for small, upstart initiatives in Ottawa. As a supporter of social enterprises, he thinks mapping projects such as this one are necessary to keep citizens aware of the initiatives in their communities.


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The Transition Framework

Inner Transition is occasionally overlooked in favour of more immediately ‘practical’ undertakings, reinforcing an observed and acknowledged division in many Transition Initiatives between “doers” and “talkers”, but for Transition Initiatives looking to foster a kind of community resilience that is equitable, inclusive, nimble, responsive, caring, and cohesive, Inner Transition efforts are a necessary place to start.

— Anne Rucchetto, Blake Poland
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