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Premiers to fast-track oil pipelines while cutting regulation

Globe and Mail / Adrian Morrow / 13 July 2015

fortmac-oil12nw1Canada’s premiers are poised to sign an agreement to fast-track new oil sands pipelines while watering down commitments to fight climate change.

The Canadian Energy Strategy will be finalized and unveiled at a premiers’ conference in St. John’s beginning Wednesday. But The Globe and Mail has obtained a draft of the plan that reveals the key points and stumbling blocks.

The confidential 37-page document lays out 10 goals and dozens of action items as part of a sweeping vision for the future of oil, gas and electricity across the country.


SNG offers help for Dandelion Festival funding. And you’re it!

Sustainable North Grenville / 01 May 2015

We were in the moment at our biggest, most successful Sustainability Fair when we heard the big news last Sunday: musicians were pulling out of the Dandelion Festival because it was receiving sponsorship money from TransCanada Pipelines. Wow! We knew immediately that this was a huge threat to an event that celebrates and helps build our amazing community.

But we also completely understood the artists’ ethical concerns because we share them: TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline proposal is an overwhelming threat to our highly vulnerable aquifers, the only source of our drinking water. The proposal also locks us in for decades of increased carbon emissions when we need to be fighting climate change.

We had to take action. We knew that if the people of North Grenville heard about this they would stand up for the Festival and stand with our local musicians! But could the sponsorship money be replaced by local support?

Festival organizers were approached and we’ve secured a deal: if we raise $5,000 by 8 May, they will accept our money over TransCanada’s.

This is where you come in. We’ll need your help. Click on this link to get to the IndieGogo crowd funding site where you can pledge your support.

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NEB approves Enbridge’s Line 9 reversal

Globe and Mail / Shawn McCarthy, Jeff Lewis / 06 February 2015

line9-0206The National Energy Board has given Enbridge Inc. the all-clear to open its reversed Line 9 pipeline, providing western oil producers with direct access to Quebec refineries for the first time in 17 years.

The approval came as the oil sands industry and its governmental backers won a long-fought battle in Europe to avoid punitive treatment on fuel regulations aimed reducing carbon emissions, a victory that could allow for Canadian crude exports to the continent.


First Nations demand NEB halt Energy East review

Globe and Mail / Shawn McCarthy / 05 February 2015

Ontario’s First Nations leaders are demanding the National Energy Board halt its review of TransCanada Corp.’s Energy East project until they can be properly consulted.

In a letter to Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford, Ontario regional chief Stan Beardy said First Nations have “grave concern” about the NEB process, saying the board has been inaccessible and unwilling to share information with them.


Energy East could spill 2.6 million litres per day undetected

Conservation Council of New Brunswick / Tracy Glynn / 30 January 2015

PipesAn independent study of TransCanada’s Energy East oil pipeline indicates that leaks as large as 2.6 million litres per day could go undetected. The study, commissioned by the MRC d’Autray- a municipal region in Quebec, states that the company’s leak detection system cannot detect leaks less than 1.5% of daily volume, according to the report by J. Harvey Consultant and ECOgestion-solutions.

The study raises concerns about the nature of the substance being pumped through the pipeline — diluted bitumen — a highly toxic substance that is extremely difficult to clean up once spilled.

[ FULL ARTICLE ]  [ Hat tip to Sustainable North Grenville! ]

Energy East: When the pipeline spills …

Council of Canadians / 12 June 2014

EE-SafetyTransCanada’s Energy East pipeline project would convert an up to 40-year-old natural gas pipeline to carry crude oil from Saskatchewan to Ontario, connecting it with new pipeline through Quebec and on to Saint John, New Brunswick. It would be the largest oil pipeline in North America, transporting 1.1 million barrels of oil every day. When it comes to pipelines, it is not a matter of if a pipeline spills, it is a matter of when, where and how much it spills.

This brief illustrates what a spill from Energy East would look like, examines leaks and explosions that have occurred on the existing pipeline, and explains how regulations have failed to protect us.


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The Transition Framework

Inner Transition is occasionally overlooked in favour of more immediately ‘practical’ undertakings, reinforcing an observed and acknowledged division in many Transition Initiatives between “doers” and “talkers”, but for Transition Initiatives looking to foster a kind of community resilience that is equitable, inclusive, nimble, responsive, caring, and cohesive, Inner Transition efforts are a necessary place to start.

— Anne Rucchetto, Blake Poland
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