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Urban backyard farming for profit

Mother Earth News / Curtis Stone / October/November 2016

urban_farm-2In this excerpt from The Urban Farmer, courtesy of New Society Publishers, Curtis Stone offers an innovative approach to urban backyard farming for profit — one that doesn’t require starting with acres of land in the country. In these urban farming business plans, which are based on his own experience and which have been refined over years, Stone outlines how you can start a gardening business while still working a 9-to-5 job, and increase your commitment and profits over time.


Why a new national strategy on food can’t satisfy all

Globe and Mail / Ann Hui / 24 October 2016

national-food-policy-objectivesMs. Bronson, the executive director of Food Secure Canada, rattled off a long list of issues: poverty and social injustice, climate change and the environment, obesity and diet-related disease. “Food policy can help us solve some of the most intractable problems we are facing as a country, and as a planet,” she said.

After that, it was time for Greg Meredith, the man whose job it will be to put together the long-awaited policy, to take the stage.

Mr. Meredith, an assistant deputy minister at Agriculture Canada who will chair the committee that works on the policy, approached the mic. “Thank you,” he said, gesturing at Ms. Bronson, “for raising expectations so high that it’s impossible for me to do my job.”


Area abbatoir set to open as a non-profit

Recorder & Times / Darcy Cheek / 12 October 2016

schaefer-bernickyWhen Rideau Meats in Smiths Falls closed early in 2015 Barbara Schaefer felt she had to do something to try and keep local livestock producers from spending more of their hard-earned cash transporting cattle, swine and sheep to a dwindling number of available slaughterhouses.

With a local facility on Addison Road vacant, the Athens-area heritage swine producer embarked on a mission to fill a void in the local livestock industry.

“The writing was on the wall for the region,” said Schaefer from the plant on Wednesday. “(Rideau Meats) was the largest and the busiest slaughterhouse in the area.”

Schaefer was soon convinced a former abattoir vacant for several years could be rejuvenated. She formed the not-for-profit Farmersville Community Abattoir and sold memberships to raise capital for renovations.

The abattoir went through its final Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Development food inspection branch inspection last week and is expected get its operational license this week.


Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference, November 23

NFU-O Local 316 / 05 October 2016

food-conference-2016The Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference is just around the corner and this year’s focus is all about resilience in the face of climate change and other contemporary challenges. Join us, and best-selling local food author and CBC columnist Sarah Elton, as we explore ways that Eastern Ontario local food and its producers, processors and influencers can meet those challenges and seize opportunities that are unique to Eastern Ontario local food.

This year’s conference includes content for municipalities, farmers, eaters, food hubs, rural businesses, and more!


Why the food movement is unstoppable

Independent Science News / Jonathan Latham / 20 September 2016

jose-bove-farmer-activistNot long ago, the New York Times asserted that the centre aisles of US supermarkets are being called “the morgue” because sales of junk food are crashing; meanwhile, an international consultant told Bloomberg magazine that “there’s complete paranoia“, at major food companies where the food movement is being taken very seriously.

The context of that paranoia is that food movements are rapidly growing social and political phenomena almost all over the world. In the US alone, there have been surges of interest in heirloom seeds, in craft beers, in traditional bread and baking, in the demand for city garden plots, in organic food, and in opposition to GMOs. Simultaneously, there has been a massive growth of interest in food on social media and the initiation or renewal of institutions such as SlowFood USA and the Grange movement, to name just a few.

Even at the normally much quieter farming end of the food value chain, agribusiness has had to resort to buying up “independent” academics and social media supporters to boost the case for GMOs and pesticides.


Kricklewood Farm expands products, hosts Sunflower Festival

Leeds Grenville Economic Development / 02 August 2016

Kricklewood Farm ownersIf you know Kricklewood Farm, you will know it is famous for its pure, small-batch, cold-pressed sunflower oil now sold at more than 100 locations.

What you might not know is there is now even more to enjoy from the Kricklewood pantry. The newest additions by farm owners Dale Horeczy and Brad Daily are their four Sunflower Oil Infusions featuring garlic, roasted chili, basil and lemon flavours. The infusions will be featured in an appetizer cook-off tasting alley at their upcoming Sunflower Festival on the farm at 421 Kitley Line 8 Road.

“The infusions have brought new customers to the table,” says Dale. While their sunflower oil remains as popular as ever with foodies, the infusions are moving into “gifty-type” shops. “The appeal is broader,” he says. They’ve also introduced sunflower oil vinaigrettes.

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