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Meet an organic distiller and an organic creamery owner

Transition Brockville / 17 May 2019

Transition Brockville’s Green Drinks series this month features an outing to an area craft distiller to learn how he and a neighbouring dairy farmer work cooperatively to make sustainably-produced organic spirits, cheese and yogurt.

Our second Green Drinks event takes place Sunday, May 26, 1:30 p.m., at the King’s Lock Craft Distillery, 5 Newport Drive, Johnstown, just east of Prescott, on County Road 2.

The afternoon begins with socializing and sampling of the various spirits made at the distillery. Also available will be $5 cocktails and samples of cheeses made at the Upper Canada Creamery.

Rob Heuvel, owner of the distillery, and Josh Biemond, co-owner of the farm and creamery, will give presentations about how they cooperate, with Biemond producing organic grains for the distillery and Heuvel returning spent materials to the dairy farm for producing organic milk, yogurt and cheese. Following their presentations, Heuvel will give a tour of the distillery. For more information about these two businesses, visit and

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Self-care essential to ­effective activism

The London Free Press / Craig and Marc Kielburger / 23 November 2018

Whatever your plan for changing the world, it needs to include steps for taking care of yourself.

It’s a lesson many advocates – ourselves included – learn the hard and exhausted way.

We were slow to discover the importance of scheduling “down time” into hectic travel schedules and wall-to-wall meetings as charity co-founders. We’d push hard for a cause, working all-nighters fuelled by coffee and dedication.

But unbridled passion isn’t sustainable.

Journalist and social activist June Callwood first told us the old adage that activism is a marathon, not a sprint. That stayed with us as our small group of activists grew into a large organization. We needed to strive for balance and sustainability.


Sustainable gardens to open near Elgin

Recorder & Times / Ian MacAlpine / 25 October 2018

Participants will be able to receive agricultural job training in organic farming practices, learn about local food systems, improve culinary skills with locally grown produce and attend specialized workshops in health, wellness and living sustainably, a news release said.

“It’s really a space for young people to come, for everybody to come to think about a sustainable lifestyle and addressing our local food systems.”

Partnering up for the project with No. 9: Contemporary Art and the Environment are the Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre and St. Lawrence College School of Skilled Trades and Tourism.


What is a town in transition?

Transition Town Peterborough / Newsletter / October 2018

It’s a community transitioning from an economy ruled and determined only by The Market and its drive for endless growth toward one that lives from its own inner resilience, more and more reliant on local production and consumption of life essentials.

It’s a way of thinking, away from destruction of community life and the natural world it depends on. It’s a move from self-centred individualism to a humanness once more living within Nature and her limits.

Transition Towns are in the forefront of those preparing for the changes ahead. Transitioners understand that the climate-changed future is hugely unpredictable and unstable. They feel keenly the dilemma of our daily life dependence on a dominant economic system that is threatening that very life with its insistence on unending material consumption and use of fossil fuels.

Transitioners see Authority coming not from wealth, social position and politics power but emerging from the insight, creativity, and practicality found in a “sense of the whole community” as it reconnects living with and in Nature’s ways and laws.

A town in Transition is hopeful. Not with a naive optimism about a super techno-future but with a clear-eyed, honest look at present reality, and preservation of an essential, life-giving contact with Nature and her lessons.

Blooming success for Brockville

Recorder & Times / Ronald Zajac / 10 October 2018

In July and August, [Communities in Bloom] volunteer judges [Doreen] Hill and Ron Dubyk travelled to Brockville to evaluate how city officials, local industry and businesses and the overall private sector, including volunteers, had fared in six criteria: Tidiness, environmental action, heritage conservation, urban forestry and trails, landscape and floral displays.

Brockville got a five-bloom rating, and a special mention for heritage from Communities in Bloom Ontario.

“Within the actual context of climate changes and environmental concerns, communities involved in the program can be proud of their efforts, which provide real and meaningful environmental solutions and benefit all of society,” the Communities in Bloom statement added.

“The quality of life in Brockville has been enhanced by the efforts of all its citizens,” Hill told council.


Resilience: Transforming our Community

Resilience Doc / 23 August 2018

The film focuses on climate change in the Grey/Bruce region, but applies to all communities, large or small. Marine scientist Dr. John Anderson explains the problem. How climate change will affect us and what we can do about it. The film is designed to inspire action, using facilitated post-screening discussions. “It’s so hard to know where to start,” says John. “Change our light bulbs? Drive less? Eat less meat? But the trouble is if we act as individuals, it’s just too little. If we wait for governments to act, it will be too late. But if we work together as a community, it might just be in time.”

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The Transition Framework

Resilience is the ability of a system or community to withstand impacts from outside. An indicator is a good way of measuring that. Conventionally, the principal way of measuring a reducing carbon footprint is CO2 emissions. However, we firmly believe that cutting carbon while failing to build resilience is an insufficient response when you’re trying to address multiple shocks such as peak oil, climate change and the economic crisis together.

— Transition U.S.
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