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An incredible night of 100 debates!

GreenPAC / Sabrina Bowman / 07 October 2019

We’re thrilled to let you know that last week’s 100 Debates on the Environment was a huge success! We’re still crunching the numbers, but here’s a snapshot of what we accomplished together:

  • 104 candidates debates confirmed in almost every province and territory
  • 11,000 people attended the debates nationwide
  • 365 candidates shared their plans to take bold action on the environment
  • 110 media stories, including TV coverage on CTV and Global

The Fast Lane: Tracking the energy revolution 2019

Clean Energy Canada / 03 October 2019

The report finds that Canada’s clean energy sector will employ 559,400 Canadians by 2030—in jobs like insulating homes, manufacturing electric buses, or maintaining wind farms. And while 50,000 jobs are likely to be lost in fossil fuels over the next decade, just over 160,000 will be created in clean energy—a net increase of 110,000 new energy jobs in Canada.

When it comes to getting to Canada’s energy future, there’s a slow lane, fossil fuels, and a fast lane called the clean energy sector.


Seeking to succeed where Energy East failed

Pipeline News / Brian Zinchuk / 23 September 2019

A new transcontinental pipeline project similar in concept to the defunct Energy East project is in its formative stages.

It’s early on for Canadian Prosperity Pipelines Corporation, but their idea is to transport oil from Hardisty, Alberta, to Saint John, New Brunswick, and a marine tanker terminal for potential export.

As a matter of course, the mainline would pass through Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec to get there. The project is called the Canadian Prosperity Pipeline Project, or CP3, and is expected to cost $23 billion.


What makes a good climate plan?

Environmental Defence / 20 September 2019

What’s in a strong climate action plan – one that does our fair share to meet our international commitments, and to keep warming below catastrophic levels?

Check out our policy recommendations below. It looks like a lot, but some of this Canada is already working on, and a lot of the rest we know how to do, with some effort.

We hope that our guide will help you keep an eye out for strong policies that will reduce emissions when you’re reading party platforms and talking to your local candidates.


Student’s pledge: No kids until Canada takes action

CBC News / Isaac Olson / 17 September 2019

An 18-year-old McGill University student pledges to not have children until she is sure the Canadian government is taking serious steps to battle climate change.

And hundreds more are following in her footsteps.

“Our government isn’t doing enough,” Emma Lim said on CBC Montreal’s Daybreak Tuesday.

The steps provincial and federal lawmakers are taking are “nowhere near the action needed,” she said.

The young climate activist decided to take action of her own — launching a climate-change movement dubbed, “#No Future, No Children,” that is quickly gathering steam.


First Nations: Climate action a priority for next fed government

The Energy Mix / 10 September 2019

Just two days ahead of the official launch of Canada’s federal election, expected later this morning, the Assembly of First Nations released a policy paper identifying climate change as the top priority for the next federal government.

“Climate change’s ascension to the top election concern for First Nations comes after it wasn’t mentioned once in Closing the Gap, AFN’s election priorities document from the last election,” iPolitics reports. “Its 2015 agenda largely focused on advocating for initiatives to improve First Nations’ quality of life, which Honouring Promises, its 2019 edition, builds on.”


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The Transition Framework

The Transition Towns movement aims toward veering away from excessive consumption – to deal with the conjoined problems of peak oil and climate change – but also in the belief that we may create an essentially more contented society, through building strong and resilient local communities. We will get to know our neighbours better, because we shall all need one another in the time to come.

— Chris Rhodes, Resource Insights (03 June 2013)
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