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Candidates view issues through a green lens

Recorder & Times / Wayne Lowrie / 03 October 2019

In the auditorium of the Aquatarium on Wednesday night, everyone was green.

The third local all-candidates meeting focused solely on environmental issues and the four election hopefuls strove to put their best green foot forward.

Three of them – the NDP, Liberal and Green candidates – proclaimed the environment as the most important issue of the federal election campaign while the Conservative was close behind, declaring that it is “so important.”

They responded to questions on climate change, water, wilderness conservation and toxic substances that were written by the national group called 100 Debates on the Environment. The questions were prefixed by the writers’ long declarations raising alarms about the environment.


An incredible night of 100 debates!

GreenPAC / Sabrina Bowman / 07 October 2019

We’re thrilled to let you know that last week’s 100 Debates on the Environment was a huge success! We’re still crunching the numbers, but here’s a snapshot of what we accomplished together:

  • 104 candidates debates confirmed in almost every province and territory
  • 11,000 people attended the debates nationwide
  • 365 candidates shared their plans to take bold action on the environment
  • 110 media stories, including TV coverage on CTV and Global

Debate on the environment a great success

Transition Brockville / 04 October 2019

The vision of the federal 100 Debates on the Environment was to ignite conversation about critical environmental problems, and allow citizens the opportunity to hear and understand the intentions of their local candidates on these issues.

After a last minute change of venue for our local LGTIRL riding edition, the Brockville Aquatarium welcomed over 200 guests to watch the conversation between 4 of our federal election candidates, representing the New Democratic Party, Liberal Party, Conservative Party and Green Party. Each spoke passionately and with authenticity about the significance of the issues at hand and what they would do to address them.

Youth have a voice in all-candidates environment debate

100 Debates - LGTIRL Organizing Committee / 23 September 2019

Students in our federal riding are no different from students the world over when it comes to climate change. They care very much about the environment and our future.

The world’s youth are telling adults and people in power that it’s past time to get serious about climate change. Student strikes declare the urgency of the crisis. Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg challenges politicians in the halls of governments.

Locally, students in all area high schools were asked to contribute questions in advance of the non-partisan October 2 environment debate by federal candidates for election in Leeds-Grenville, Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes (LGTIRL) riding, and the submissions were impressive.

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LGTIRL All-Candidates Debate on the Environment

Transition Brockville / 20 September 2019

NOTE: The venue for this debate has changed as of 19/09/27. The debate will now be at the Aquatarium, 6 Broad Street, Brockville.

What makes a good climate plan?

Environmental Defence / 20 September 2019

What’s in a strong climate action plan – one that does our fair share to meet our international commitments, and to keep warming below catastrophic levels?

Check out our policy recommendations below. It looks like a lot, but some of this Canada is already working on, and a lot of the rest we know how to do, with some effort.

We hope that our guide will help you keep an eye out for strong policies that will reduce emissions when you’re reading party platforms and talking to your local candidates.


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