Local Foods

As an active member of the Food Matters Coalition, Transition Brockville provides this Local Foods directory in support of sustainable, healthy lifestyles.

This directory is weighted toward locally-owned and -controlled operations in Brockville and surrounding areas. For those growing their own gardens, it provides links to businesses selling seeds and seedlings as well as links to numerous How-To sites.

Important Notice about Community Gardens

Under the provincial COVID-19 Emergency Order, only gardens with the capacity to follow specific requirements are permitted to operate. The LG&L District Health Unit has prepared these safe operating requirements for local municipalities and community organizations. In addition, rules and guidelines for community gardeners have been developed and should be followed by all users.

Last updated: 2021-04-17


Pioneer Gardens

988 Pioneer Road Merrickville ON K0G 1N0 Phone: 613-406-5372 Website: Pioneer Gardens Website: Facebook


We are a small-scale organic farm practicing regenerative agriculture in Merrickville, Ontario. We are committed to creating a stable and sustainable site where food can continue to be produced for generations.

By working to enrich and maintain the health of the soil, we are able to produce more than 40 varieties of nutrient-dense vegetables each year.

We are pleased to be offering shares in our Community Supported Agriculture program for the 2021 season. From June 10th to October 28th, members will receive a weekly basket loaded with a seasonal selection of our fresh, local, organic vegetables. In addition to all of your market favorites, each basket will include varieties that we are growing exclusively for our CSA.

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988 Pioneer Road Merrickville ON K0G 1N0