Local Foods

As an active member of the Food Matters Coalition, Transition Brockville provides this Local Foods directory in support of sustainable, healthy lifestyles.

This directory is weighted toward locally-owned and -controlled operations in Brockville and surrounding areas. For those growing their own gardens, it provides links to businesses selling seeds and seedlings as well as links to numerous How-To sites.

Important Notice about Community Gardens

Under the provincial COVID-19 Emergency Order, only gardens with the capacity to follow specific requirements are permitted to operate. The LG&L District Health Unit has prepared these safe operating requirements for local municipalities and community organizations. In addition, rules and guidelines for community gardeners have been developed and should be followed by all users.

Last updated: 2021-04-17


Oak Leaf Road Produce

564 Upper Oak Leaf Road Athens ON Phone: 613-246-6833 Website: Oak Leaf Road Produce


Oak Leaf Road Produce sells farm fresh, locally grown produce and flowers. There is a roadside stand which is stocked Monday thru Saturday with always fresh produce and occasionally flowers. On Fridays, there is a stand at 131 County Road 40 near Charleston lake and on Saturdays, I am at the Brockville Farmers’ Market. Each week there are many flower arrangements and an abundance of latest produce available.

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564 Upper Oak Leaf Road Athens ON