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20 King Street West, Brockville, ON, K6V 5T7

Larry B. O’Brien and Robert A. Barr formed a partnership in 1995 creating a law firm that restricts it’s practice exclusively to defending people charged with criminal offences.

Mr. Barr and Mr. O’Brien defend persons charged under the Criminal Code, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act as well as a number of other federal and provincial statutes in courts of all levels throughout Eastern Ontario. Their practice involves both trial and appellant advocacy.

Their office is located in the Boardwalk condominium complex on Brockville’s waterfront. If you find yourself charged with an offence and desire vigorous, competent and experienced defence lawyers please call immediately for a free initial consultation.

9 Broad St., Suite 206, Brockville, ON, K6V 7Z4


9 Pine Street, Brockville, ON, K6V 1E8

The team at Brockville Law specializes in the following areas of Legal Practise:

Criminal Defense

Highway Traffic Act/Provincial Act Offenses

Wills/Powers of Attorney

Notarizing and commissioning services are also available.

9 Broad Street, Suite 206, Brockville, ON, K6V 7Z4

The law firm of Fitzpatrick & Culic has been proudly serving Brockville and surrounding areas for over 30 years. Clinton H. Culic was called to the bar in 1979 and commenced his practice at Brockville in January of 1981. While he operates a general law office covering all areas of law, he places special emphasis on matrimonial and civil litigation.

21 Pine Street, Brockville, ON, K6V 1E9

Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Family Law, Civil Litigation, Estate Administration and Wills

36 Broad Street, Brockville, ON, K6V 4T8

The Transition Framework

Transition initiatives share many of the same goals as other groups, and work collaboratively with a variety of organizations in their local areas. Transition differs in that it focuses specifically on preparing communities for the changes associated with unprecedented resource depletion and transitioning away from fossil-fuel dependency.

— Transition U.S.
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