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212 King Street West, Brockville, ON

Multidisciplinary sports therapy clinic provides one-on-one treatment in physiotherapy, athletic therapy, massage therapy, personal training, reflexology/reiki and orthotics/bracing. We offer yoga and golf strengthening classes also provide therapists for sporting events.

108 Waltham Rd., Unit D, Brockville K6V 5V5


41 John Street, Brockville, ON, K6V 5A6

The Transition Framework

The Transition Towns movement aims toward veering away from excessive consumption – to deal with the conjoined problems of peak oil and climate change – but also in the belief that we may create an essentially more contented society, through building strong and resilient local communities. We will get to know our neighbours better, because we shall all need one another in the time to come.

— Chris Rhodes, Resource Insights (03 June 2013)
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