Local Businesses

From Creating a Community Investment Fund by Michael H. Shuman:

Practically speaking, “local” has two prongs: proximity and ownership. Proximity refers to the distance from producer to consumer. Thus, many locavores want their food to travel a short distance “from farm to table,” because proximity fosters relationships of trust between consumers and farmers, maximizes the level of economic activity within a community, and minimizes the carbon footprint of shipping. From a local investment perspective, an equally critical factor is Ownership. Local ownership of a business means that a majority of the shareholders of a company live close to its operations. What matters is control of a business by people who live in the place where it operates, because local control increases the chances of a business hiring locally, spending money locally, pumping up the local economic multiplier, contributing to local charities and civic society, and behaving responsibly to local stakeholders.

Transition Brockville encourages your patronage of these locally owned and controlled businesses.


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