Volunteer Opportunities


(None at this time)


Steering Committee member

This would require a few hours of your time each month. Ease with social media, internet, etc. preferable. Info on TB’s governance structure is shown here.

Post event notices

Seeking one or more volunteers to post our event announcements on area and online bulletin boards. Working from a provided list of sites and announcement copy, this volunteer would print and distribute hard-copy versions to about 8 bulletin boards around town, and would upload shorter versions to about 6 online calendars and noticeboards.

Manage TB Facebook group

Seeking a social media-savvy individual to manage our online presence, other than the main TB website. TB currently operates a Facebook group showing original posts and event notices as well as shared ones that are consistent with TB’s vision and mission. This volunteer would also manage group membership and moderate comments.

Offer refreshments at presentations

Seeking one individual to manage the refreshments at our monthly presentations. This volunteer would coordinate the efforts of a small team of occasional cooks, would provide cider and eco-friendly cups, and would handle the setup and removal of these refreshments. A small budget for purchases will be provided.

Also seeking others to work in this team and occasionally do some baking!

For more information on any of these volunteer opportunities, please contact us at info@transitionbrockville.com

Last updated: 2018-10-29