Media brief: Geothermal energy and its potential in Canada

Categories: News
Published on: July 27, 2020

Clean Energy Canada / 26 July 2020

As Canada navigates the energy transition, a spectrum of zero-emission energy sources will be increasingly needed. Many parts of Canada are home to the natural conditions required for the extraction of geothermal energy, specifically in parts of Western Canada. It is also home to many workers with expertise in oil and gas extraction—a skillset that could also be applied to the geothermal industry. However, the geothermal industry is less developed in Canada than in comparable countries around the world.

Geothermal developments extract naturally-occurring underground energy in the form of heat to generate power and/or to heat nearby infrastructure. While wind and solar energy are variably-producing (daylight and weather conditions vary), geothermal is able to constantly produce near zero-emission, renewable energy, making it potentially useful complementary resource where feasible. It is also a near emissions-free source of heat and so presents advantages in Canada’s cooler climate.

This media brief explores the global geothermal picture, how Canada fits in, and some of the projects currently underway in Canada.