UCLG: No appetite for declaring climate emergency

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Published on: November 6, 2019

Recorder & Times / Sabrina Bedford / 05 October 2019

Mayors in Leeds and Grenville are not keen on the idea of declaring a climate emergency, but they are willing to look at what they can do from an operational standpoint to reduce waste.

Michèle Andrews, a member of the grassroots group Sustainable Merrickville-Wolford, asked the United Counties to declare a climate emergency and initiate a task force to create a climate action plan for the counties.

“So many of us are already experiencing the very real, immediate, local impacts from the climate crisis, be it in recent floods, air and water quality questions, and the significant increase in Lyme disease in our area,” she said in a report to council Tuesday.

People are concerned, she said, and looking for ways to take practical steps to make a difference. This is where declaring a climate emergency at the counties level would come into play, she added.