BBL Energy’s solution to plastic waste

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Published on: April 23, 2019

Transition Brockville / 23 April 2019

The world has finally recognized that we have a serious problem with plastic waste. Ultimately, people will find ways to reduce or even eliminate single-use plastics, but in the meantime, what can be done with the mountains and oceans of plastic debris already accumulated?

A local company thinks it has an answer.

Transition Brockville has invited David Bohn, general manager of BBL Energy in Johnstown, to explain the company’s plans to convert waste plastic and used tires into light diesel fuel, natural gas and carbon char, at its next presentation, on Sunday, April 28, at 2 p.m. in the Brockville Public Library.

BBL Energy purchased the Prescott Machine and Welding property and is converting it to a plant which will take in regional plastic waste and annually turn 3,800 tonnes of plastic into energy. The plant machinery uses a pyrolysis process that heats plastic in an oxygen-free insulated retort at about 450 C, converting it to a liquid, then a gas, and then back to a liquid fuel.

No water is used in the process, and the plant will generate its own power to operate the equipment. Plant operation will be quiet. Emissions are expected to need only a vent similar to that used by modern high-efficiency (condensing flue) furnaces.

In addition to processing regional waste plastic, BBL Energy’s Johnstown plant will be a showroom for the machines the company hopes to sell to municipalities and private waste firms in North America. Many of these plants are already in operation in India and Africa.

Bohn will show a video on the process and the installation, as well as a PowerPoint presentation on their business and proposed process. He is happy to answer questions about the plant and the process.

Everyone is welcome at this free public presentation, which will start with a five-minute documentary on the origin and history of our planet-wide addiction to plastic. Refreshments are served; a free will donation is appreciated.