New map shows just how hot hometowns could get this century

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Published on: April 4, 2018

CBC News / Bryce Hoye / 4 April 2018

An ambitious new mapping project gives Canadians a chance to peer into the near future and visualize just how hot a warming climate could make their own backyards over the next 80 years.

“The impacts are startling,” said Ian Mauro, co-director of the University of Winnipeg’s Prairie Climate Centre, which launched its Climate Atlas of Canada on Wednesday. “Part of this map is data, but part of it is storytelling.”

The atlas includes documentaries of how Canadians are trying to adjust to present-day effects of global warming and a robust interactive map that lets users zoom down on any one of 2,000 towns or cities across the country to see how climate change is likely to change local landscapes between now and the end of the century.