Conservation success stories show what ordinary people can do

Categories: Big picture
Published on: March 9, 2018

The Guardian / Fiona Gell / 09 March 2018

Like many people, my son is really anxious about the damage we are doing to our seas. He still loves exploring rock pools, and watches Blue Planet episodes over and over again with his equally sea-loving grandad. But I’ve realised I need to work to instil in him some optimism to counter his anxiety.

Fortunately, there are good reasons for hope. I remember a 2009 conference in Washington DC, where the marine scientist Sylvia Earle gave a keynote address about “hope spots” – her term for special places around the world where conservation work has particular ecological, cultural or community importance.

In the decade since then, Earle and others have taken this message around the world, as part of a wider movement to promote the idea that it is not too late to act to protect our global marine ecosystems.