Wow, Ontario. You stepped up!

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Published on: December 12, 2016

David Suzuki Foundation / 06 December 2016

In July, we told you Ontario finally agreed to review its Environmental Bill of Rights. We asked you to call for a stronger Bill that includes environmental rights and responsibilities and access to environmental justice.

What an incredible response. Almost 20,000 of you asked the province to strengthen our Environmental Bill of Rights. Thank you.

You know we need substantive environmental rights to safeguard Ontario’s most vulnerable communities. Every person in our province should have the right to clean air, safe water, a non-toxic environment and healthy ecosystems.

We sent your comments to the minister of the environment and climate change. We’ll be watching to ensure the resulting recommendations reflect your input. In the New Year, we’ll send all MPPs a riding-by-riding analysis of your comments. And we’ll ask them to support an improved Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights. We’ll let you know how it goes!

What’s next for Blue Dot?

Now, we’re setting our sights on a Federal Environmental Bill of Rights that recognizes, protects and fulfils every person’s right to a healthy environment. This is a major step towards our ultimate goal: enshrining environmental rights in Canada’s Constitution.

Stay tuned! We’ll be in touch with tools for you to get involved in this exciting new phase of the Blue Dot movement.

We look forward to continuing this work with you.


Corrigan Hammond
Ontario Organizer, Blue Dot movement
The David Suzuki Foundation

P.S. We’re aiming for a Federal Bill that will guarantee everyone’s right to a healthy environment. Watch the Blue Dot Manifesto to learn more!