Dryden: Heavy rainfall causes flooding throughout city

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Published on: August 16, 2016

CBC News / 14 August 2016

Dryden Aug 2016Ashton said Environment Canada’s own weather station in the city recorded 23 millimetres of rain falling in Friday’s storm.

However, home-based weather station recordings from the same period told different stories. One such private station recorded 109 millimetres and another 152 millimetres, while others showed 50 or 30 millimetres of rain fell on Dryden Friday afternoon.

The discrepancy, Ashton said, is due to the nature of the storm.

“It’s the size of the storm,” he said. “If you’re three blocks over, you may not get anything versus the guy who got 150 millimetres. It’s incredible. That’s just the way these storms are — they can be very small and localized.”