Some surprises at Talking Trash

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Published on: August 10, 2016

Transition Brockville / 08 August 2016

Talking Trash 2016 IMG_0383There were some surprises at the Talking Trash event, held in partnership with the City of Brockville on July 24. Did you know that take-out coffee cups are not recyclable? Lyndsay Price, the City’s solid waste officer, clarified the best handling for a number of items questioned by our visitors.

  • Waxed Paper: GARBAGE, as it cannot break down properly for the recycling. May be used for compost instead.
  • Plastic Bags: GARBAGE. Try to reduce plastic bag waste or reuse them if possible. Some stores also have special drop-offs for recycling plastic bags, so save them to drop-off next time you go in. Check out this website for further reference:
  • Tin Foil: RECYCLE, if reasonably clean.
  • Paint cans: If no paint is left in them, you can RECYCLE the cans. Remove lid and let dry completely. Put can and removed lids in recycle bin for collection. Leaving the lid off lets the collectors know there is no paint in there.
  • Clothing: Any gently used or reusable clothing can be DONATED to various local charities and in drop-off bins. Check out this link to find drop off bins nearby:

    Any clothes/textiles that are worn out or no longer wearable, they can be dropped off for recycling at the Salvation Army, downtown Brockville. Be sure to put them in a secure bag and label “FOR RECYCLING”. Drop them off during regular open hours and please speak to an employee so they are aware you are dropping off the clothing for recycling purposes. Do not leave out front of store after hours.
  • Yogurt cups: Rinse and RECYCLE!
  • Styrofoam: GARBAGE
  • Any two+ material items, eg. paper-and-plastic (such as take-out coffee cups, or paper bread bags with plastic “windows”), or paper-and-foil/metal (such as lined coffee or chip bags, Pringles cans, or new Maxwell House coffee cans): GARBAGE