Sudbury food forest takes step forward

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Published on: March 8, 2016

Sudbury Star / Jim Moodie / 08 March 2016

Sudbury food forestOn Monday, Carrie Regenstreif of Fruit For All spelled out her vision for a community food forest to a dozen local green thumbs and 100-mile dieters at a meeting in downtown Sudbury.

“A food forest, in general, is an area that’s planned very carefully to mimic a natural forest,” she said. “The plants are not just a bunch of plants on their own, growing separately — they work together to support each other, and it’s quite a balance.”

In this case, however, the plants are “mainly edible,” she noted, although “some are mixed in for other purposes, like pollinating.”

Species that could thrive in a Sudbury food forest include cold-hardy varieties of fruit and nut trees, as well as raspberry bushes and other shrubs that yield Vitamin C. There is also the opportunity to grow herbs and medicinal plants, along with wild edibles like leeks and fiddleheads.

But a food forest doesn’t require the kind of tending that a garden might. “Nobody has to go out and weed it,” said Regenstreif. “It takes care of itself.”