SolarShare co-op breaks records with $15,000,000 bond raise

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Published on: March 7, 2016

SolarShare / 12 February 2016

SOLAR-POWERSolarShare Co-operative announced today that it has hit the $15 million mark in sales of its Solar Bonds – the largest investment amount a renewable energy co-op has ever raised in Canada.

The milestone is reflective of the public’s growing interest in investments that make positive environmental and social impact. SolarShare is one the few providers of impact investing options open to retail investors.

SolarShare investors are a diverse group – millennials, everyday citizens and small business owners who seek a good return and want their dollars to do good, seniors hoping to leave a better planet for their grandchildren, and philanthropic organizations who desire investments that align with their missions – like the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, Science For Peace, Catherine Donnelly Foundation, Bealight Foundation, and the Lawson Foundation.