Village Vancouver — How can a big city become a village?

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Published on: February 27, 2016

Peak Moment TV / 26 February 2016

How do you empower an entire metropolis to transition towards more localized living in a post-petroleum era? Founder Ross Moster and board members Ann Pacey and Rand Chatterjee of Village Vancouver (B.C.) Transition Society view Vancouver as a network of neighborhood-sized villages. They encourage neighbors to get to know each other. Projects arise from these connections: recycling depot, dinner groups, seed libraries. Village Vancouver has sponsored, collaborated and participated in a wide range of activities since starting in 2008 — permaculture blitzes, a New Economy summit, street fairs, a neighborhood emergency preparedness project, a film series. Their invitation: “Have a desire to create a happier, more livable future for the next generation…and to have fun while you’re at it?”