AGW means more fear, less fun for global middle class: UBS

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Published on: January 18, 2016

Reuters / Megan Rowling / 11 January 2016

A jogger runs along the bund near the Huangpu river across the Pudong New Financial district, amid heavy smog in ShanghaiThe report also said climate-driven population shifts into urban areas have the potential to create and exacerbate conflict, as in Syria.

In the course of five years of drought starting in 2006, Syria lost 85 percent of its livestock and saw crop production plummet, child malnutrition worsen and the subsequent migration of 1.5 million residents from rural to urban areas.

“These conditions led to protests, which ultimately escalated into civil war,” Zurich-based UBS said in a statement.

However, the political and social clout of middle-class populations means their vulnerability to climate change risks should translate into pressure on governments to tackle global warming, the report noted.