Paul Beckwith: Facing abrupt climate change

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Published on: December 5, 2015

Beyond Crisis / 04 December 2015

Paul speaks with Beyond Crisis in Ottawa on abrupt climate change; the earth’s warming creating dramatic loss of sea ice in the Arctic; and the urgent need to act NOW to reduce emissions, cool the Arctic and slow the warming trend. This piece gives a detailed analysis on the risks we face from Arctic warming to the overall climate system.

“We’re an innovative, intelligent species but we’re total idiots on the climate change issue.”

“I think we’re in trouble NOW… The world will wake up one morning and they’ll be no sea ice in the Arctic – the weather will be unrecognizable. Will that wake people up? Do we have to reach that point?”

Paul is a well-known climate science educator, and part-time Geography professor in climatology, oceanography, and environmental issues at the University of Ottawa. For more content from Climate Matters, follow Beyond Crisis through our YouTube channel or on our blog at

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