Brockville Community Strategic Plan Progress Update 2015

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Published on: November 28, 2015

City of Brockville / November 2015

Brockville environmental indicators


The purpose of this report is to formally report to Council and the Public of the progress achieved to date of the actions contained in the Community Strategic Plan.


The Community Strategic Plan (Attachment 1) for the City of Brockville was designed with a five (5) year time margin of 2009-14. The Plan is based on the long-term development of four (4) areas: People, Amenities, Economy and Sustainability designed with enduring outcomes and a performance measurement framework to allow the City the ability to report on the Plan’s progress. The Strategic Plan provides a series of recommendations on the strategic initiatives to move the Community forward in building a more diverse population, an innovative economy and sustainable amenities. The Strategic Plan also provides a checkpoint from which Council can examine other opportunities to evaluate how they could contribute to the ongoing well being and development of the City. Attachment 2 of Report 2015-132-12 provides both Council and the Public with a status report on the progress to date relative to the various performance targets outlined in the Community Strategic Plan.