Restoration of the prison farm at Frontenac Institution

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Published on: November 25, 2015

Save the Prison Farm / 25 November 2015

Restoring the prison farm in Kingston is not just a local issue, but a matter of good corrections policy and programming that could be implemented at other prisons in Canada. Restoring the farm at Frontenac could be the beginning of establishing farms at many other institutions.

Kingston and the Islands MP Mark Gerretsen attended the Pen Farm Herd Co-op annual general meeting on November 19. He re-asserted his commitment to work for the restoration of the prison farm at Frontenac Institution, and asked for help from prison farm supporters in making the case for restoration.

Please write, by email or by postal mail, to the Minister of Public Safety, with copies to Mr. Gerretsen, and if possible, with copies to Mark Holland and Wayne Easter, Liberal members who supported our campaign in 2009 and 2010, and who have been re-elected to the House of Commons.

As well, you could write to other MPs that you think need to hear from us — for example, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Agriculture, Elizabeth May, the public safety critics for the Conservatives and NDP, or others. Email and postal addresses are listed below. A letter mailed to a Member of Parliament does not require a stamp.

One personal letter from a citizen is more powerful than a dozen mass-produced emails, because a personal letter demonstrates more dedication and effort. Please talk about your reasons for supporting the prison farm program, and express your passion and commitment to the cause. This information will be helpful to Mr. Gerretsen, Mr. Holland and Mr. Easter in advocating for the restoration.

Dozens of letters from prison farm supporters will be a valuable asset for our MPs, and we hope that you will take a few minutes to write and send a letter.

Postal Addresses

This address applies to all MPs – no stamp required:

[ Name of MP ]
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A OA6

Email addresses – Minister of Public Safety, Ralph Goodale – Minister of Agriculture, Lawrence MacAulay – David Christopherson, NDP Critic for Public Safety

Addresses for other MPs are available at