Montreal unveils its climate adaptation plan

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Published on: November 25, 2015

Montreal Gazette / René Bruemmer / 23 November 2015

Over the last 50 years, the snow clearing period in Montreal has dropped from 103 days to 73. The summer season has become nine days longer, and is expected to become another 10 to 30 days longer still in the coming decades. Freeze-thaw episodes have increased by 30 per cent since 1942, heightening the need for more spreading of salt and workers on the road. Days with more than 30 millimetres of rain have increased by 64 per cent, increasing episodes of flooded basements and snarled traffic. These statistics are expected to worsen as the planet warms further still.

“Despite our all our efforts, some effects of climate change are already seen in the city,” said Mayor Denis Coderre. “Heat waves, heavy rains, ice storms — this is the reality — now we have to act as of today to ward off the consequences.”

Montreal presented its first ever “Global Warming Adaptation Plan” for the island of Montreal for 2015-2020 on Monday. It runs in parallel with the agglomeration’s greenhouse gas reduction plan for 2013-2020 that aims to reduce the amount of gases emitted to 30 per cent below 1990 levels.